3 - months of the coaching you need in order to stay aligned in your FitBiz, create offers + services your clients crave, and to hold you responsible for getting sh*t done. 

You created the FitBiz, you're crushing the day to day, now it's time to step into your space and get sh*t done. 

You know how to motivate people to workout...

But when it comes to launching that project you've been brewing in your head the past few months, you're kind of lost on how to go about it.

You know how to command a class...

But when it comes to creating boundaries, you don't even know what they are.

You really want to build a wider authentic, aligned, online presence 

And you know you have more to offer than butt selfies and ab pictures to do it.

That's where accountability coaching comes in.

with accountability coaching you will...


Feel supported and seen during the highs + lows in running your own FitBiz, while creating the programs + offerings you're working through, and doing the damn thing.


Be guided through creation, given genuine feedback on whatever you're working on, and provided with the resources you need to feel aligned with your work.  


Feel confident in being able to craft consistent, intentional, impactful content to attract the clients your program is gearing towards.


Have someone to hold you responsible for the tasks you need to get done before  (and during) the launch of that big ass project.

If you're saying to yourself, 


"This is exactly what I need, but will there be a syllabus to follow?"

Keep reading boo, I break it down for ya.

Creating structure is going to be key to creating accountability in your FitBiz and since you already have a foundation, you can think of the following as a loose outline of what we can go over.

month 1

the vision board

We will:

  • Identify where you're currently at in your FitBiz, where you feel you excel, where you feel stuck, and where you want to be by the end of the 3 months working together.

  • Dig into Ideas you have, offerings you want to create, programs you want to launch, and whatever the F else you want the world to see.

  • Complete a quick refresh of anything in your FitBiz you feel you have questions on.

month 2

the jam sesh

We will:

  • Jam out (think brain dumps, jot sessions, a lot of adjective usages) on creating content around your project, offering, or program.

  • Come up a content creation schedule that works best for your 'work' type and nail down an accountability checklist (using Trello) as to when your tasks are due.

  • Work through a few writing prompts and sales copy to help create marketing material for your launch.

month 3


We will:

  • Develop your offering into an actual THING  by making what we jammed out on in month 2 come to life through journal prompts, content assignments, and sales copy.

  • Layout a launch schedule including social media posts, email marketing, and enrollment process.

  • Go over any questions, concerns, or blocks you may feel in regards to putting your offering out to the world.

each month will include...

alignment coaching is for you if...


1- 75 minute phone call between you and I to talk through whatever you're working on and to ask any questions you may have for me.

*Total - 3 calls


1- 30 minute GChat sesh per week to check in on your progress.

*Total - 12 check ins

Unlimited access to me via. text during 'conversation hours' as well as unlimited access to email + Trello communication. 


Workbooks, journal prompts, and print outs that will help you build out a clear picture of your offering, create aligned content around it, and visualize a timeline to help you see it come to life. 

We will also go over basic sales copy that can be used for marketing, social media, and on your website.  

editing + resources

Unlimited access to my knowledge for editing, revising, and re-checking the content you are creating.

You'll also have access to any and all my resources such as vendor suggestions, guidebooks, and almost anything else in line with FitBiz.

systems we will be using:Trello, Zoom, and Google.

accountability coaching is for you if...

  • You truly want someone to check in with that will make sure you stay on top of your work and follow through on the commitments you make to yourself.

  • Your FitBiz has evolved since it first started, so you want to refresh + rebrand it.

  • You have an idea for a new project, offering, or service, but you some need guidance on how to create it and a check-in system to make sure you get it done.

  • You're all about having a support system and you would love to have someone to help you navigate the FitBiz space. 

  • You're sick of feeling like everyone around you is getting sh*t done and you're just thinking about it. 

  • You're down to put the work IN so your FitBiz can work out.

  • You have prior knowledge of Mailchimp, a website (or landing page), and Instagram.

the investment

*Payment will be taken out on the same day each month in accordance to first payment. 

$385 per month

*Payment will be taken out as soon as you enroll.

$1,150 up front

*Once your form is submitted, I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

*NO refunds or exchanges on coaching packages. Wanna chat about it before you make the commitment? Hell yeah! Book a 15 min. convo with me to talk it through. 

Some FAQ's you may have.

Q: I don't a website or any social media experience, but I've been in FitBiz for a few years and need some guidance on how to create this.

If you're looking for guidance on how to create a basic website + social media precense, alignment coaching my be the better choice for you. 

Q: Is this a group course or 1- on- 1?

This coaching is 1 on 1.

Q: Is there going to be homework and due dates for the course?

Yes. My reasoning behind that; the more you work on (and in) your FitBiz, the deeper guidance and feedback I can provide you. Obviously, you're an adult and life is busy as hell, so if you don't work well with turning in assignments I get it. BUT, the only way you'll grow your FitBiz is by making the time to do it.

Q: Do I have to follow the syllabus exactly?

Nope, but I've created it based off of past coaching experience, so there's a method behind the madness. We will totally mold and mend it to your specific needs though! That's part of the reason why this program is 1-on-1 coaching.

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