3 - months of the brand alignment coaching you need in order to build the Biz you've been dreaming of, so you can help the clients who are in search of it. 

It's time for your brand to start working for you so you can create the Biz your clients need for them

I know, we kinda went through this already...


You're not 100% confident in your new title as a personal trainer yet.


Your schedule resembles more of a scattered mess than sequential sessions.

Your bank account kinda reminds you of the stock market, up one month and down the next.

That's all okay boo, I've been there too

And now you're here to change that.

with alignment coaching you will...


Feel confident, proud, and super aligned with the authentic biz you create.


Have a soundboard to help you weave through the BS of the biz, guide you through the boring but essential stuff, and be your hype woman when you need it most. 


Be able to craft consistent, intentional, impactful content to attract the clients you're meant to help. 


Create systems for your Biz that allow you a more structured schedule, a steady payday, and boundaries that balance your hustle. 

we will go over


  • How to set up simple systems in your biz like an email service provider, a payment processor, and social media planning platform.

  • Automation aspects for all of those aspects.

  • Pricing your services and support.

  • Policies, boundaries, and processes for your biz. 



  • Identify and dig into the intentional pillars behind the biz you’re creating.

  • Build a foundation based off of your 5 W’s (the good old who, what, when, where, why) and core values.

  • Curate your topics of conversation (services you provide, ways of support, knowables, and education you bring to your clients.)

  • Refine your focus, dig into the true ideal client you’re trying to help, and create a realistic plan of actionables.

  • Get introspective on the voice of your brand, the content you create to exude that, and how to create connections with your community.




I believe in structure (obviously), but I also believe in chaos + spontaneity. When you put these 3 aspects together, it's a recipe for some badass creation with a side of soulful foundation. Below, you'll see a loose schedule of what alignment coaching will look like. 

month 1

the introspection

Get ready to deep dive into yourself. We're going to get introspective, intentional, and super detailed about alllll the things your brand will embody. 

We will go over: core values, core intentions, knowables + non-negotiables,  your story and why it matters, building your bio, your social media outlets, how to view yourself as a boss, your individual authenticity, being relatable, reliable, and real, and identifying your ideal client.

month 2

the unwrecking

Whether you're a pen to paper type of person or all about the click of a keyboard, whatever your medium may be, it's going to get a lot of use while we create intentional content across the board from social media posts to your website bio.

We will go over: creating or tweaking the services you plan on offering, sales copy for your website, marketing for your social media, strategies to grow your audience, communication between ideal connections such as your clients and other businesses, creating content that your audience vibes with for SM and newsletters. 

month 3

all systems go

Get ready to kick it into gear and start implementing what you've been working on (and through) in the first two months. ​With a clear brand identity, creative and intentional content on deck, it's time to put some systems into place and make your FitBiz the real deal. 

We will go over: policies that align best with your business in terms of scheduling clients, payment process, and boundary setting, simple website development, email list development, and how to build your online presence.

each month will include...

alignment coaching is for you if...


1- 75 minute phone call between you and I to talk through whatever you're working on and processing, as well as any questions you may have for me.  As well as

unlimited access to me during conversation hours and 3 - 30 min Google Chat Check ins per month.


Workbooks, journal prompts, and print outs for each subject we go over to give you guidelines and a sense of direction. 

editing + resources

Unlimited access to me for editing, revising, and re-checking the content you are creating.

You'll also have access to any and all my resources such as vendor suggestions, guidebooks, and almost anything else in line with FitBiz.

video tutorials

"How To" tutorials on creating an email list, automation, and drip content via MailChimp as well as social media planning and process via. Planoly. 

alignment coaching is for you if...

  • You're totally new in the Fitness/Wellness industry or entrepeneur world and have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a brand, business, or pretty much anything more than an Instagram profile. 

  • Your FitBiz has been alive in the gym for a few years, but now it's time to give it a badass profile online.

  • You post on social media, you have an email account, and you have a few clients, but you don't have any systems or policies in place. 

  • You need to refresh + rebrand your current soul level support biz.

  • You're ready to launch a new project, offering, or service and need guidance on how to do that.

  • You don't have an email list, a website, or a 'home' for your Biz other than social media. 

the investment







per month

*Once your form is submitted, I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Some FAQ's you may have.

Q: How long do I need to dedicate each day to this when we're not working together? My schedule is packed.

Nobody has time to waste, but putting time into your FitBiz is never considered that! It truly depends on your current schedule, but I would say a minimum of 2 hours a week. 

Q: Is this a group course or 1- on- 1?

This coaching is 1 on 1.

Q: Is there going to be homework and due dates for the course?

Yes. My reasoning behind that; the more you work on (and in) your FitBiz, the deeper guidance and feedback I can provide you. Obviously, you're an adult and life is busy as hell, so if you don't work well with turning in assignments I get it. BUT, the only way you'll grow your FitBiz is by making the time to do it.

Q: Do I have to follow the syllabus exactly?

Nope, but I've created it based off of past coaching experience, so there's a method behind the madness. We will totally mold and mend it to your specific needs though! That's part of the reason why this program is 1-on-1 coaching.

Q: What if I wanted to add calls to check in's, is that possible?

Absolutely! With an additional charge we can totally do this.

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