A 90-minute intensive to get you from asking yourself "WhereTF am I going with my Biz?" to actually doing in your Biz.

Sometimes you need to talk through 'the thing' to make it more clear.


It's one of those really important aspects of running a business that you sometimes forget you need.

Or maybe you don't forget, you know you need it, you just don't know where to go.

*Awkwardly punches you in the shoulder like Evan  does to Becca in Superbad.*

You've joined the Facebook groups, gone to the networking events, and even invested in a Mastermind, but you still feel like you're lacking tangible tasks, overwhelmed with fear to get going, and ultimately no plan to get your shit going.

Well then good thing you're here sistah, an Alignment Session can do that for you.

with an alignment session you'll come out feeling...


Around why you're feeling stuck, what you need to work through it, and how you're going to do it.


In the way you're feeling, in your excitement for the next step you're going to take, in your fears, and in your plan.


By me as your coach, the 'a-ha' break through moments we'll have during our session, and the plan we create to help you feel more aligned.


On how to navigate the current space you're in with your FitBiz, your plan of action, and any blocks or bumps that may come up in the future.

the intro

We'll talk some shit, identify what we'll be working through, and layout a plan for the convo.

We'll dig in and dig deep. We'll get messy, we'll move stuff around, and we'll clean it up.

We'll re-align whatever we dug into so it goes from messy to methodical.

We'll design a plan of action and create a practical schedule for whatever it is you need it for.

the action

the deep dive

the re-align


Confidence in yourself and your project, more clarity around where you're actually going and what you're actually doing with that project, a sense of reassurance that you're a human and feeling a little overwhelmed is totally normal, and a plan of action to get you out of the 'mehhhh' position you may be in.


You know what you'll get the most though?


The reminder that alignment means something different to everyone.

Your plan of action is going to be aligned with you. Your outside life, your FitBiz life, and your personal capacity.

each session will include...


1- 90 minute phone call between you and I to talk through whatever you're working on and processing, as well as any questions you may have for me.


You will also have unlimited access to me via. text and email  during conversation hours for 5 days following the call.


A detailed, in depth follow up email going over everything we jammed out on during the alignment session as well as the plan we create for moving foward.  

Homework + journal prompt

Tangible and practical tasks for you to complete after our phone call is over in order to implement your breakthrough and plan of action as well as journal prompts to help your headspace in the process.

an alignment session is for you if...

  • You're totally new in the Fitness/Wellness industry or entrepeneur world and have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a brand, business, or pretty much anything more than an Instagram profile. 

  • You post on social media, you have an email account, and you have a few clients, but you don't have any systems or policies in place. 

  • You need to refresh + rebrand an idea that's been brewing in your head for a bit.

  • You're ready to launch a new project, offering, or service and need guidance on how to do that.

  • You truly just need some advice + guidance on the direction of your soul level support biz.

the investment

$275 and 90 minutes of your intentional time.

**Once you enroll, I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

*NO refunds or exchanges on coaching packages. 

Shelby, Owner of Shelby Sweats and mentee

 I started out with an Alignment call which was incredibly thorough and helpful in figuring out my message, brand, and business model. Vanessa is unique in that she truly cares about the human being behind the brand/business and making sure that you're always being authentic to yourself and to your audience. As a coaching professional, Vanessa is reliable, knowledgeable, wise, intelligent, and honest. She gives actionable, clear advice and is an excellent listener. As a human, she is kind, empathetic, and clearly passionate about everything she does. I've only worked with Vanessa for about a month now but I'm grateful to be in her program and navigating this new space with her guidance over the next year. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Kit, Personal Trainer and owner of Kit Fitness UK

I went into Vanessa’s alignment session almost clueless and very unsure. After an hour and a half with her, I came out 100 times more confident. I went from knowing next-to-nothing, to feeling like I could be the worlds next big thing. Vanessa is worth every penny, everything was so focused to me personally, and I’m so glad I decided to chat with her. You won’t regret it.

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