you're a queen, your brand should be one too. 

9/4-9/28 - $297

I'm willing to bet that you can name at least 10 fitness related brands off the top of your head and out of those 10, you maybe really only connect with 4 of them.


I don't mean the type of connect by hitting the 'follow' button on Instagram, I mean saying "OMG SAME, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" out loud at their posts and wanting to be friends with them type of connect. 

That might be one of the reasons why you're here, to create some type of connection behind your brand.

Whether you...

  • Crave to create a vision behind your passion for fitness and helping others.

  • Need to get out of your own head in regards to the ideas that have been rolling around inside of it and need some outsider input.

  • Are so over the surface level BS you see all over social media and want to make a real difference in people's lives.

You're in the right spot, boo. 

With a combo of some soul searching, creating content that people actually vibe with, and remembering that you and your audience are a team, you can totally create a brand that makes a difference.

this is totally for you if...

you need to find more clarity within your work, content, + creation.

you're feeling a little 'meh' and you need a hype woman to raise your vibration. 

you want to create a social media presense that is authentic, intentional, + connective. 

you want your brand to create connection within your community whether it be through social media or in person. 

you've thrown together some ideas, but you're messaging and core values are a little all over the place.

you have a vision or an idea that you're having a hard time bringing to fruition. 

Creating a brand is so much more than just a vision, but it certainly starts with one. Once you become crystal clear on your  message, audience, core values, and intentions, you have the tools within to cultivate the brand behind that vision.


You already have the answers on how to do that, you might just need some layers pulled back, and that's what I'm here for. To ask you the questions, dig a little deeper through the answers, and direct you towards creating that vision.

with this bracket you'll...

  • Become crystal clear on the vision you have for your brand, it's core values, and non-negotiables.

  • Learn how to create connections that are deeper than surface level with your audience.

  • Be able to identify your know-ables and takeaways.

  • Learn how to create valuable, useful, and authentic content for your audience.

  • Break down your brand from colors to content coverage.

  • Be taught basic sales copy + strategies. 

  • Learn ways to use your backstory as your brand backbone.

  • Create an avatar for your audience + potential clients. 

  • Learn about programs you can use to create graphics that correlate with your branding.

  •  Have a solid foundation to start (and continue) to build you brand on while it evolves.

  • Work, write, and dig a deeper into you to help create your brand. 

as well as...

2 coaching phone calls with me

and unlimited email access throughout the month.

weekly video


and unlimited use of the PDF worksheets to go with them.

group discussions

and Q+A's

and workshopping everyones work together.

access to my firsthand 


and all the resources to go along with it.

Are you game to bring your vision to fruition, gain clarity on your branding, and connect with your audience on a whole new level?



the strength design [branding bracket] is here to guide you with the steps you need to do all of that and then some.

Give yourself permission to take that next step and allow me to be your guide on the whole journey.

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