your life is unconventional, your business can be too.

10/1-10/26 - $297

this is totally for you if...

Business is such a multi faceted word especially when it comes to the fitness industry. There are thousands upon thousands that make the world go round, and you can start (and run one) from the click of your fingers.

That's probably why you're here, because you want to get down to your type of business.


You're sick of the office bullshit, your 9-5 is giving you full blown anxiety attacks at 2am, and you're one meaningless email away from going "Office Space" on your copier. 


Whether you...

  • Have a side hustle as a personal trainer and you're trying to make it a full time thing.

  • Are an entrepreneur who has a spark of an idea that you want to put out to the universe.

  • Have an online presence or brand with an influential message you crave to share.


I want you to know that it's absolutely possible. Through a mix of aligning your hustle, standing by your structure, and allowing yourself (and your business) to evolve, you have the power within to create a successful business.

That's where the strength design comes in. 

you know you're not meant to sit behind a desk all day and work on someone else's dream. 

you want to make those loyal followers actual connections and paying customers. 

you want to be more than just a fitness influencer on social media. 

you want to establish an income behind an idea and a profit behind a passion. 

you want to create structure + heart centered alignment behind your online brand. 

you're ready to take that leap into being your own boss and make your side hustle your full time thang.

Running a business isn't for the weak of heart (literally and figuratively). It takes a combination of hustle, intention,creativity, imagination, and of course, caffeine. 


It's 100% in your wheelhouse though boo, you might just need some guidance, and that's what I'm here for, to be your guide on the lessons of the not so conventional ways to create the business that brought you here. 

with this bracket you'll get...

  • A good grasp on where to begin, run with the momentum once you have it, and create the boundaries you need to control your business + brand.

  • Information on how to effectively create pricing for your services.

  • The tools you need to create structure behind your business + brand.

  • Clarity on the why, how, and wants behind your business + brand. 

  • Efficient ways on how to find clients (and keep them, duh). 

  • Guidelines on how to connect and make sales without seeming like you're being a saleswomen.

  • Ways to collect legit, authentic followers and make them into clients. 

  • An individualized plan of action on how to efficiently make a career change. 

  • Keys on how to make yourself stand out and not just blend in as a number on social media.

  • Suggestions on how to budget and plan for your big move.

  • Lessons on effective sales copy, point of sales services, and audits of your social media presences. 

as well as...

2 coaching phone calls with me

and unlimited email access throughout the month.

weekly video


and unlimited use of the PDF worksheets to go with them.

group discussions

and Q+A's

and workshopping everyones work together.

access to my firsthand 


and all the resources to go along with it.

Are you ready to become your own boss, create a business behind your brand, and lay down a structure that aligns with your hustle?



the strength design [business bracket] will give you the tools you need to make that your actual reality.

Give yourself permission to take that next step and allow me to be your guide on the whole journey.

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