the bundle

you're looking to level up, the bundle can help you do that.

9/4 - 11/30 - $797

You're so stoked and ready to take the leap and work on creating the brand you love.

You're totally dedicated to making your unconventional business a dope one, no matter how much content you need to create (and glasses of wine you have to drink).

You know that even though it's going to take a lot of work, a good amount of hustle, and a hella amount of heart, balance is what's really going to make you the most successful.

And I'm so glad you made it this far, boo.

You've made it to the bundle. The bigger picture, the grand scheme of things, the full circle. You're ready to knit pick through the little stuff and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

You're ready to commit.

with the bundle you'll...

  • Be able to identify your brand in a clear, concise, and manner

  • Take your unconventional business seriously + have the keys you need to make it successful.

  • Feel lighter after learning how to create a schedule that works best for you, by you.

  • Learn how to make deeper connections with clients, followers, and other strength design members (girl gang).

  • Feel more confident in your business because of the structure you've built behind it. 

  • Be able to identify when you need to kick your self care rituals up and learn your cell phone turned off.

  • Walk away with relatable, personal, informative, and reliable topics of content to create for your audience. 

  • Learn how to connect with customers in a way where they want to work with you.

  • Peel through the layers of 'yes' and 'no' and become confident in using them both.

  • Have access to every single detail to each bracket for the long haul.

as well as...

2 personal phone calls with me

and unlimited email access throughout the month.

weekly video


and unlimited use of the PDF worksheets to go with them.

group discussions

and Q+A's

and workshopping everyones work together.

access to my firsthand 


and all the resources to go along with it.

the strength design isn't going to give you a cut and paste template on how to build a brand.

It won't teach you how to clear 100k during your first year of business.

And it's not going to force you to do Yoga everyday in order to achieve so called balance.

the strength design will allow you to build a home and watch it flourish for the brand that started with an idea. It will give you permission to construct a business in a way that keeps it authentic to your vision while also being professional. And it will help you lean into the ebb and flow of the type of balance you crave, in the life you create. 

You're on the edge of making shit happen, all you have to do it take one more step.

I'm ready to get steppin...

I'm super excited to start this journey with you. I promise, it's a wild one full of emotions, feels, imagination, creation and pretty much everything in between.


it's worth every second of the wave, the highs and lows, so get ready to ride.

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