The Hustle Alignment Collection

Find alignment in your biz from a place of intentional creation.

soul level support from a soul supporting coach

You know you have so much more to offer than the #fitfam and MLM (sorry not sorry) crew on Instagram.


You didn’t choose to be an entrepreneur to hustle for the muscle or capitalize off of people’s insecurities. 


And you’re certainly not interested in starting your own biz because you hate hard work.


You’re here because you want to build a biz +  brand that focuses on SOUL LEVEL SUPPORT, not the surface level BS the industry has become saturated with.


You’re here because you KNOW that you have to power to guide your people to step into their own type of strength rather than conform to the constructs they’ve made out to believe they have to mold to.

You're here because you're ready to invest in yourself, shake shit up, and make your ideas into tangible creations.

Sup? I'm Vanessa and I'm a corporate world drop out.


More importantly, I'm FitBiz coach for women who are trying to align their brand, structure their schedules and create an intentional fitness business in a world full of #fitspos.

So WTF do I know?


I've been apart of the fitness industry for over 10 years (pre #belfies) and about 5 years ago, I created my FitBiz with two things; an intention to never work for anyone ever again and zero idea of what I was doing. I ran my savings down to pennies, I took up side jobs that cost me more money in parking tickets than what I was getting paid, and I burnt out more times than I could count.


But I never gave up.


Instead, I creatively evolved, educated myself both personally and professionally, fucked up and failed a few times, won an award here and there, and have coached women on building intentional FitBiz's of their own.

I won’t sling a 6 figure promise your way or tell you it’s only going to take a few simple steps to start your biz.


I’m not going to tell you to go ‘like for like’ and tag every person you know on social media to get people to buy from you.


And I refuse to wear a suit (if you get this reference, you are automatically one of my peeps).


Instead, I’ll support you to lean into your intuition, provide you with authentic actionables to take in order get you from where you are to where you want to be, and give you guidance when you become overwhelmed (because hello, you’re a human, this happens). 


I’m not into surface-level support or a plug and chug style of coaching, it's not my jam. Instead, I’ll guide you to create a biz + brand with an intention behind every aspect of it through a coaching style that involves a mix of educated examples, mindful creation, and a dash of introspective challenges thrown at your every once and awhile.


With intuitive decision making, a gut check here and there, and a little bit of devil’s advocate support, you’ll feel fully aligned + [in tune] with the biz + brand you create with my coaching guidance.


Guided in your work, seen in your process and coached from a place of supportive leadership.







  • It’s not all about the grind.

  • Your value does not equate to the amount of social media followers you have.

  • You’re allowed to have boundaries with your clients, your life, and your energy.

  • You can work on creating a business without a sense of urgency.

  • The 'hustle' doesn't have to feel like a hassle.

  • YOU (yes, you) have the answers.


3 months of 1 on 1 biz coaching.

3 months of 1 on 1 accountability coaching.

1 time

90-minute intensive.


Erin, Personal Trainer and creator of

Booty Camp

 Vanessa literally walks you step by step through it, has an answer to every question, videos, is organized AF, available to chat, edit content and gets you to create content for your brand, website etc.  She gets you to hone in on who you are, the audience you want to attract, how you want to show up for people, all while staying authentic to you.  She pushed me through fears and got me to see past my own roadblocks.  She is powerful, understanding, and most importantly practices what she preaches. 

Holea, Nutrition Coach and creator of Nourished

I've done a lot of different business coaching. While I walked away with learning something new from each opportunity, it wasn't anything that really stuck. Some were turning me into their clones. Others were pushing me to want a six-figure business when I just wanted to make enough to be a stay at home mom. 


And then there was Vanessa. 


The coach who taught me how to put ME in MY business. She was the only one who ever asked me what was actually important to me: my values -- the things that make me, me. This information wasn't just a nice ice breaker into coaching... It was what we rebuilt my business on.


Something that I appreciate the heck out of this coaching experience was Vanessa taking the time to meet me where I was at and helping me overcome some mindset barriers ultimately holding me back from showing up in my business. It wasn't just "here are ways to make your business run more streamline"... it was "how can we align your business with you?". I am so grateful for Vanessa because she has sparked a new sense of confidence in myself as a business owner. (A priceless plus to getting my business running smoother and more profitable.)


Thank you for EVERYTHING Vanessa. 

Christina, Coach and Owner of Iron Pheonix Strength Club

Working with Vanessa felt like I was grabbing coffee with a friend who knew her shit. I've had business strategy sessions with multiple people in the past, but they were stuffy, boring, and inauthentic. I needed a space where I could vent and then circle back to the drawing board with a fresh new perspective without being told I needed a million fancy bells and whistles. V's the real deal. In a world full of people hiding behind smoke and mirrors, working with Vanessa was refreshing AF.

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