The Hustle Alignment Collection

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Find alignment in your FitBiz by creating accountability within your busy ass life.

FitBiz coaching from a FitBiz pro(fessional)

You know you have so much more to offer than more than half of #fitfam on Instagram, but you refuse to use your body as a selling point in an industry that capitalizes off of other people's insecurities. 

You know you've got some good, no, great ideas brewing in your head on a daily basis, but you're overwhelmed with the thought of starting and underwhelmed with biz coaches on Instagram spitting off scripted BS.

You know you want to start that project, take that leap, and make that idea into an actual thing, but you've got some serious resistance going on because of the lack of confidence you have in yourself at the moment.

You know you're ready, oh so freaking ready, to take the chance, put the work in, and do what you have to do to create a FitBiz you've always wanted to.


You just have no idea where (or how) to start the process and quite honestly, you're getting sick of the hustle.


Here's a little something a lot of coaches won't tell you, boo. I didn't either. 

Sup? I'm Vanessa and I'm a corporate world drop out.


More importantly, I'm FitBiz coach for women who are trying to align their brand, structure their schedules, and create an intentional fitness business in a world full of #fitspos and belfies (butt selfies, duh).

So WTF do I know?


5 years ago I created my FitBiz with zero idea of what I was doing. I ran my savings down to pennies, I took up side jobs that cost me more money in parking tickets than what I was getting paid, and I burnt out more times than I could count.


Those 5 years weren't a complete wash, though. During them, I learned how to navigate a split schedule, relight a flame for fitness that was almost ashes, strategized on social media, cultivated (and still am) a community of strong ass women to surround myself with, guided other FitBiz babes through their own journeys, and intend to do the same for you

 Let's align your hustle and create accountability in your schedule so you can bring your FitBiz to life.

In the textbooks, they tell you that no two clients are the same, no two fitness journeys or workout prescribed are completely identical.

If you're working with clients, you know that's pretty legit. Sure, there are similarities that overlap, but no two humans, no two fitness tracks are the same.

And that holds true for FitBiz's, at least the ones that really make a difference. 

Whether you're running a side biz in the Fitness/Wellness industry and you're ready to commit more energy to it or you've been in the game for a few years and need someone (Hiiiiiii!) to help keep yourself in check to get shit done, HAC has you covered through 2 separate offerings.

With BOTH offerings, HAC will guide to feel the following with and IN your business. 





More importantly, you'll be supported in your work, validated in your feelings, and stronger through the process.

The Hustle Alignment Collection is for you if:

alignment coaching

accountability coaching

You're a fitness instructor, personal trainer, coach, or wellness professional on a mission to create more than just a workout for your clients.


             You want to build a brand that inspires and influences others rather than feeds off                     peoples' insecurities and fears.



             You crave to create a deeper connection with your clients, yourself, and a genuine,                   engaged audience.


             You have the ambition to work towards a career that will provide guidance for others               while you generate income for yourself.


              You're down to do the work, put your heart (and sweat) into it, and expand your                            FitBitz knowledge even greater than you already know about an industry that is                          ever- evolving.

But right now, it's kind of like... 

  • You feel that everyone on Instagram has a developed brand, a billion clients, and you're over here like, "Where the F do I even start?"

  • You can create a kick-ass sweat sesh on paper but when it comes time to put your clients through it, you freeze up with fear they won't think it's 'hard enough.'

  • You're running around to 16 different places every day yet you still feel like you aren't going anywhere.

  • Your 'hustle' has turned into 5 cups of coffee, bags under your eyeballs, lack of your own motivation to work out, and quite frankly, a little bit of resentment towards your clients (for no reason).

  •  Your sessions are scattered throughout the day which means your schedule (and sanity) falls under the same vibe. 

  • You feel like no one's going to pay you THAT much money for a session.

  • One month you're making it rain at Friday Happy Hour and the next, you can't even afford to buy a $2 umbrella at the corner store.

  • You have zero idea of how to price your services and the sales part of the job makes you feel skeezy.

  • You post on Instagram (duh, everyone does), but you feel like you're not getting any genuine, authentic connection from potential clients. 

  • You have a bunch of clients, your biz is 'running,' and your branding feels like it's doing what it's supposed to do, but you still feel misaligned and kind of chaotic.

  • You can't remember the last time you had a day off, a full nights sleep, or were able to have a DAY with your friends without checking your email 100 times.

  • You're almost positive everyone has their shit together better than you do. 

  • You feel super repetitive, kinda basic, and uncreative in your workouts, marketing, and social media presence. 

  • Sometimes you think your lack of motivation comes from constantly trying to inspire others.

  • You know you're already good at training people, what's the point of trying to launch a new project?

  • You're sick of seeing other FitBiz's come out with new ideas that you've thought about, but really, you're just pissed at yourself for not doing it in general. 

  • You're not the best at holding yourself accountable to get anything other than the day to day done. 

  • You need some guidance, you'd love another set of eyes, and honestly, you'd really love a hype woman to let you know that all the work you're doing is going to be worth it. 

You wanna get away from:

  • A split up, scattered schedule.

  • Inconsistent income.

  • Feeling burnt the F out from lack of sleep,  motivation, and always being reachable.

  • Not doing the thing you say you wanna do because you're overwhelmed with everything else going on or you're on information overload on how to go about it.

So you can:

  • Have some intentional structure to your days.

  • Stop worrying about if you'll be able to pay your rent on time, buy yourself a pair of lululemon leggings without feeling bad, and not get nervous when it's time for a client to pay. 

  • Get some actual sleep, feel like you have energy, and turn off at a certain time every day.

  • Confidently do the thing, enjoy creating it, and know that your dream client will love it.

But how am I supposed to know if I really *need* coaching?

The most common questions you ask yourself are:

- "WTF am I doing?"  

- "When can I take a nap?" 

- "Will I ever actually get a client of my own?"

- "Does the algorithm really mean anything?"

- "What happens if it doesn't work out?"

-" Wait, I need an email list? Doesn't my dog count as a contact?"

- "Why the F didn't I launch that program first? *throws phone out the window* 

- "If I nap now, I'll have time to write an Instagram post later, right" 

- "Why do I feel like I have zero creativity?"

- "Who's brain can I pick to get a second opinion about this color scheme?"

- "Isn't there someone who can hold me to responsible for getting my shit done?"

When you REALLY wanna be saying...

"I F-ing got this because I'm finally getting a full nights sleep, my clients are crushing it, the new program I launched is doing well, my Instagram feels cohesive with the brand I've created, my email list is growing with more than my dog's fake email, and I'm doing this thing called FitBiz."

Each offering will include:

  • An in-depth, deep-dive, onboarding questionnaire.

  • 1 on 1 - 75-minute phone calls each month as well as 30-minute weekly chat check-ins via Zoom + Google forms.

  • Unlimited access to me via text and email during 'conversation hours'.

  • Lifetime access to workbooks, guidelines, + resources.

  • A foundational structured guideline for goal-driven work based of your goals.

  • My unlimited hype woman guidance, no bullshit feedback, and wholehearted support throughout the 3 months.

Lets do the damn thing, boo.

Erin, Personal Trainer and creator of

Booty Camp

 Vanessa literally walks you step by step through it, has an answer to every question, videos, is organized AF, available to chat, edit content and gets you to create content for your brand, website etc.  She gets you to hone in on who you are, the audience you want to attract, how you want to show up for people, all while staying authentic to you.  She pushed me through fears and got me to see past my own roadblocks.  She is powerful, understanding, and most importantly practices what she preaches. 

Rebecca, Wellness Coach and creator of The You Project

Vanessa helped me completely re-brand my business complete with a name change and an entirely new website. After working with her, I was left with a business I felt exponentially more connected to because it finally felt like me. She helped me build the confidence to shift my focus from selling a service to selling myself. 

Christina, Coach and Owner of Iron Pheonix Strength Club

Working with Vanessa felt like I was grabbing coffee with a friend who knew her shit. I've had business strategy sessions with multiple people in the past, but they were stuffy, boring, and inauthentic. I needed a space where I could vent and then circle back to the drawing board with a fresh new perspective without being told I needed a million fancy bells and whistles. V's the real deal. In a world full of people hiding behind smoke and mirrors, working with Vanessa was refreshing AF.

Words from some FitBiz pros

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