Raise your dumbbells if you're tired AF of seeing #fitfam perform shitty movement patterns on Instagram...

b&b 30 under 30 is 30 different workouts that can be completed in under 30 minutes which vary in modality, length of time, and difficulty level. I personally created these workouts with a mindset of...


  • Getting shit done in a short timeframe.

  • Feeling super accomplished when they're finished.

  • They're convenient, creative, and completely doable for all different fitness levels. 


With those 3 aspects in mind, these workouts range from hella hard to the perfect amount of push yourself. 


With the workouts you'll also get...


  • 30 new and varied workouts for your fitness arsenal.

  • A different type of push mentally and physically with every workout.

  • A sense of strength behind the workouts as well as your own self.

  • Mindset framework to use with each section.

  • Tutorial videos and movement cues on Instagram via @movewithbandb.

  • Access to a member only Google Drive for FAQ's.


Each workout had been personally tested (and endured) by me, so I know where you'll start to feel the burn, how you should try to pace yourself, the type of weight I would suggest to start with, the mindset to go into it with, and how great you'll feel when you finally finish, all within 30 minutes. 


Whether you're trying to stay efficient during the holiday season to make sure you come in hawt for 2019, or you want to shake it up a little bit before the year ends, b&b 30 under 30 has you covered.


You can grab b&b 30 under 30 for only $57. Come 2019, the price will go up!








After you purchase your program, please make sure to click on the link provided after payment processes. This will bring you to a webpage where you can download your program. 

Got questions? Here are some answers...


Can I do the workouts on my own?

Yes! Once you purchase the program, it's yours, so you can do it at any time you wish. Although there is a suggested schedule, there is no specific one you must follow.


How will I get my workouts?

Once you complete the purchase, you will be prompted to go to a webpage where you can download the program and keep it as your own. 


What if I have a question, do I have access to you?

Not exactly, but you will have access to a Google Drive for members where you can ask questions. I will answer any and all questions there.


I've never worked out before, can I do these workouts?

Yes, most of them! The only section I wouldn't suggest to try without coaching supervision is the section with barbell workouts.


What type of equipment is used in the workouts?

There are 5 separate sections that consist of bodyweight + jump rope workouts, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and a combo section, which consists of multiple pieces of equipment. 


Can I do these workouts at home?

Absolutely, whether you have all of the equipment mentioned above, some, or none, you'll be able to benefit from the workouts.


I have a different program from you, are these new workouts?

Hell to the yes they are!



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