gut check guidance

3 - months of the accountability coaching you need in order to stay aligned in your biz, create offers + services your clients crave, and to hold you responsible for getting sh*t done (and slowing it down). 

You created the biz, you're crushing the day to day, now it's time to step into your space and get sh*t done. 

You know how to support and motivate people...

But when it comes to launching that project you've been brewing in your head the past few months, you're kind of lost on how to go about it.

You know how to create content and have people who dig it...

But when it comes to creating boundaries, you don't even know what they are.

You really want to build a wider authentic, aligned, online presence 

And you know you have more to offer than scattered, fragmented, all over the place thoughts.



Feel supported and seen during the highs + lows in running your own biz, while creating the programs + offerings you're working through, and doing the damn thing.


Be guided through creation, given genuine feedback on whatever you're working on, and provided with the resources you need to feel aligned with your work.  


Feel confident in being able to craft consistent, intentional, impactful content to attract the clients your program is gearing towards.


Have someone to hold you responsible for the tasks you need to get done before  (and during) the launch of that big ass project, and more imporantly, to tell you when to slow down when things feel like they're too much.


  • 1 - 60 minute phone call where we will jam out, dig into, and workshop the ideas you have to make them into tangible things.

  • 3 - 30 min Google chat check ins.

  • 1 - biz + branding lesson each month in coordinance with the project you're working on.

  • Access to me during 'conversation hours.'

  • Unlimited revisions, edits, and access to my personal resources.

  • Actionable takeaways and tiny goals to touch after each check in + call.

GUT CHECK GUIDANCE is for you if...

You have ideas upon ideas​, you're done with the narrative of 'how it's supposed to be,' and you're ready to be held accountable for getting shit done.

You'd also love someone to help you get out of your own head, give you guidance to stop second guessing yourself, and remind you to slow down (even when you don't know you need it).

with gut check guidance, i'll help you stay accountable for taking care of yourself in both your biz + brain bandwidth.

$333 per month

**You'll recieve an email from me 24-48 hours after enrollment!

Q: Is there going to be homework and due dates for the course?

Yes. My reasoning behind that; the more you work on (and in) your biz, the deeper guidance and feedback I can provide you. Obviously, you're an adult and life is busy as hell, so if you don't work well with turning in assignments I get it. BUT, the only way you'll grow your biz is by making the time to do it.

Q: Is this a group course or 1- on- 1?

This coaching is 1 on 1.

Q: I've have a social media account, I post pretty frequently, and I want to make it into something bigger, is this for me?

It depends! If you want to be held accountable for putting your ideas into the world with  a bit of guidance, totally. If you want more direction, a deeper understanding of the biz you're creating, and and action plan, alignment coaching might be the answer for you.

Some FAQ's you may have.

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