An alignment session is a 60 minute deep dive into b&b's 4 pillars of humanness; movement, action, mood work, and soul that will help you move from...

feeling scattered, stagnant, and stuck 

to intentionally and authentically aligned with the life you're already living.

the rundown

Together, we will...


    • Acknowledge what your relationship is with each pillar.


    • Peel back a few layers and answer a few "whys".


    • Dive deeper and dig the F in on how you feel.


    • Take a look at your story and continue to write it the way you want rather than the way it's 'supposed to be.'


    • Do a self-inventory and check on the work you've done over the past 4 weeks.

"The alignment experience really made me stop and refocus. Throughout quarantine, I had been so focused on teaching and worrying about everyone else. The alignment experience really made me take a step back and focus on what makes me happy and what makes me, me. I appreciate everything!" - T

"I loved that the alignment experience allowed me to catch my breath and focus without feeling like I needed to punish myself. This helped me shift from feeling like I was failing to focusing on nourishing myself." - Kris

find alignment in the life you're already living

I'm Vanessa and I'm here to help you step away from the "should life" and into an intentional one.

Over the past decade, I've coached hundreds of women (and a few men) on how to say F- OFF to the standards of what fitness is 'supposed to look like' and instead, feel strong in their own capabilities + bodies.

I'm also a functioning mood-aholic (aka a human) who is actively learning to work with my moods rather than 'get over them.' 


I believe stepping into alignment involves duality, like enjoying the shit out of both meditation and murder documentaries, and that life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, it's more so chaos + contrast.

During an alignment session, I'll be your guide, your support, and your reminder that you don't have to fit into the box society is shoving down your throat. Instead, you can build your own damn box, however the hell you want.

When you sign up for an alignment session you'll receive:

  • A 60 minutes phone call of 1on1 coaching + guidance.

  • 1 deep dive workbook, self-paced, self-study workbook.

  • Access to 1 month of accountability coaching with me via HabitShare.

  • 3 days of individually programmed movement.


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