Vanessa Checchio

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I'm a fitness forerunner by trade, a writer by soul purpose, a PitBull mama by choice, and a believer that there is always some type of alignment within chaos. I created bachata & barbells with a passion for fitness and a decision to never be forced to sit behind a desk ever again (unless it's for jamming out on my own creations).


As a personal trainer, FitBiz coach, lover of moving and feeling strong, my focus is to empower my clients and give you the tools you need to step into your strong. For some of you, that may be nailing your first pull up or walking into the gym for the first time by yourself. For others, it's having the tools you need to create the FitBiz brand that's been buzzing in your brain so you can quit that whack ass job you have. 


Either way, my promise is to be by your side, support you through the process of being able to step into your strong, and give you a fist bump when you need it.


I'm currently a lululemon ambassador, a PitBull mama to Nola and Frankie, co-creator of Pitness in the Park, a contributor for Hoboken Girl, and is the Co-Host of "The Get " Podcast produced by Vix Reitano. You can find me training clients and coaching at Intrepid Gym in Hoboken, New Jersey. 


PitBulls (especially mine), coffee, and squats. Tattoos, any type of food, laughing until my face hurts, and empowering others. Being an Aquarius, collecting notebooks, counting crystals and paying it forward. Olives, dark indie films, SVU (Benson+Stabler4E), and murder documentaries. Creating, teaching, and showing others how strong they really are.




California Strength Olympic Lifting Seminar Participant

USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

Prenatal and postpartum Certified DSW Fitness

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