b&b Online Programming 

Life heads at us a mile a minute, which might make it difficult for you to find time to get to the gym, or maybe once you do get there, you have no idea what to do.


You may find yourself trying to blindly navigate through workouts you see online that look cool or like they may do the trick, but yet you still feel lost. 


Your fitness journey doesn’t have to go down like that, at all.


To help you reach your fitness goals, without feeling like you’re doing it on your own, I’ve created b&b online program that's designed to suit your specific needs and hold you accountable to crush your goals. Whether you're a workout warrior who wakes up and heads straight to the weight rack or you prefer to get your frustrations of a long days work with a slam ball, I got you

every month you'll get...

  • 4 days worth of workouts per week personally delivered to you via email every Thursday.

  • 1 - 20-minute consultation and goal setting phone call with me at the beginning of the program as well as a 15-minute check-in call each month.

  • Workouts are programmed according to your goals, the type of equipment you have access to, and the amount of time you have available to workout.

  • Access to the members-only workout database.

  • Access to me via. email as well as the ability to text me videos with any questions you may have about form. 

  • Playlists curated monthly to help you stay in the zone.


*This program is a 3-month commitment, auto-renewal program, but can be canceled at any time after that. Please allow for 2 weeks notice of cancellation.

If you're down to enroll, please hit ENROLL now and fill out the form below.

*Once your form is submitted, I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

"Vanessa at bachata & barbells is an innovative trainer. She creates truly individualized plans that create results. She is supportive to her clients and followers by offering not only the tool to increase your activity and fitness level, but also the mental aspects. She motivates and inspires on a daily basis whether it’s through phone calls, social media posts, or blog posts. She’s a true badass in the fitness industry!"

- Carolyn

"Since starting the b&b online programming several months ago, I have not only felt better about my body but also about my overall gym performance. Vanessa provides easily guided workouts that not only kick my butt, but are also easy to follow and execute.  If by chance there is something I do not understand or a movement I have never performed before, Every work out incorporate something new and it keeps me on my toes which makes working out much more entertaining and not mundane."

- Natalie

"b&b workouts are the best because they are sneakily hard (you will SWEAT), but not too long, so you feel accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Vanessa is also intensely motivating, but also a real human. The online programming is super easy to follow and she caters it to what you have available, so it’s easy for you get it done!"

- Cassie

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