Motivator Monday: Ashley Branda

"Oh hell yeah it's gonna be a bitch."

Ashley told me after I asked her how growing back the hair I was about to shave off on my head would be. From that point forward, I knew she was my girl and I'd never have anyone else touch my hair again.

Since then, Ashley's dyed my hair every color in the rainbow, has given me a shape up in the middle of my living room, and has become one of my confidants and go to people for any type of advice since bachata & barbells started its journey. Wait, let me rewind, since before bachata & barbells started its journey into the Hoboken streets.

If you live in Hoboken (or anywhere around it), you've most likely either had your hair done by her or at least tried to book an appointment in her busy schedule. She's the epitome of a boss in her salon and outside. She'll tell you straight up to your face if you're being a complete idiot or making the smartest decision of your life, but most of all, she'll always keep it real and loyal no matter what the circumstance may be.

Since I've met her, she's been one of the hardest working people I've ever met in my life. From working full time during the week in her newly opened salon two01, styling weddings then ATTENDING them on the weekends, and letting me throw (literally and figuratively) anything at her when I'm training her in the gym, she never, ever does anything less than 110%.

Why does she motivate and inspire me?

Like I said before, Ashley's a boss, but what sets her apart from others is that she does things with passion. Every cut, every color, every consultation she does, it's the passion for doing what she loves that drives Ash to do it the best way possible.

I admire this. I admire the fact that she's made her dream a reality and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

They say when you have an awesome hairdresser your life automatically becomes better. Whoever "they" are couldn't be more on f*cking point.

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