Motivator Monday: Neghar Fonooni

"I only own cheeky and thong swimsuits because I find that trying to reign in this badonk is just an exercise in futility."

And let me tell you, her badonk sure is beautiful.

You may not have ever heard of her before and lets be real, her name is quite unforgettable, but in my eyes, she's one of the most influential fitness professionals out there.

When her Instagram feed is a combination of this...

and this..

and a bit of this...

How can I not have the biggest girl crush in the world on her?!

Before I started bachata & barbells, my mindset about fitness and body image was a little different than it is now. I hardly lifted weights, was always self conscious of my thicker bottom, and HATED the fact that my chest looked like a 10 year old boys. Then by the graces of the fitness gods (and my favorite photographer) I found Neghar's website and my whole mindset changed.

Neghar's different from a lot of other fitness "influences" out there. She's about empowering yourself and feeling strong in the exact body you have, not changing yourself for certain standards. She surrounds herself with a crew that has the same mindset filled with positivity, badassery, and true friendship, and she has the expertise behind her to not only practice but preach it all. She's also a dope writer and DGAFOS about what people think about her.

Why does she motivate me?

Because in addition to all the above, she's REAL. If she wants to drink a whole bottle of wine she'll do it and share about how shitty she felt working out the morning after. She doesn't photoshop her cellulite out of pictures, she shows it off. And she's proud of who she is today and what she went through to get to it.

Do yourself a favor and stalk her life, start following her on Instagram ( @negharfonooni ), and sign up for her newsletter. You'll understand why I not only admire her badonk but her brain as well.

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