Motivator Monday: The Head Boss B’s of Work it Out.

The first time I walked into WiO I was trying out to be a Zumba Instructor, I didn’t even live up in the area yet, and I was EXTREMELY hungover to the point where I almost didn’t show up. Luckily though, I got my shit together that morning and I’ve been lucky enough to be an instructor there for the past 4 years.

When I first met Lisa and Noel, the owners of WiO, I didn’t really know what to expect. WiO was the first

(and only) boutique fitness studio I’ve ever worked at, so I didn’t really know just how different it would be from any other gym I’d worked at in the past. I quickly learned that WiO wasn’t a gym, it was a safe haven for the clients that took classes there and a second home to its instructors.

Prior to quitting my corporate hell job, Lisa and Noel were two people that I knew I could talk to about making the jump and how to do it. They let me vent to them on countless occasions. They listened to me complain about my miserables days and anxiety ridden nights. They even saw me cry a few times out of frustration. And during my whole transition they were there to help in any way possible from the minute I quit. From putting me on the schedule to teach more classes and helping me through a new certification, they were there to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Why they motivate and inspire me?

They’re the OG’s of boutique fitness in Hoboken and they have no plans of stopping with their 2 studios. Being a woman in the fitness industry is no easy task and being a female business owner doesn’t make it any easier, but Lisa and Noel do it with grace. Being a female business owner myself, I now understand more and more why the decisions they make are for the better being of the business, the clients that use it day in and day out, and their instructors that are the heart of it. Why Lisa and Noel really inspires me though is their passion to show women how awesome it is to be just that, a women and when you have a team to call your own and have your back, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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