Motivator Monday: Guy Guy, Di Di, and Stoof Checchio.

My mother is a saint, my father is a legend, and my sister is ten times cooler than I am. Needless to say, I have a pretty F-ing cool family. I know a lot of people say that type of stuff, but I'm spitting 100 percent, Italian family, realness here.

When you grow up in an Italian family, the top three questions you're typically asked are:

1.Are you hungry?

2.What time is dinner?

3.Did you pay your bills?

Okay so maybe the third question is only my family, but that's a different blog post. No matter the kind of questions that are asked and how many times they come out of my parents' mouths, they're only questions of caring.

Growing up, my parents were at every single softball game, cheerleading competition (reluctantly for my dad), team dinner, CCD class, pretty much anything that my sister and I had going on in our lives, my parents were there for it. They raised my sister and I in a way that kept us under wraps but never helicoptered or made us feel smothered. And there's not a single thing I wish they did differently.

It's always crazy to me that the older I get, the more I understand why they made the decisions they made and sometimes gave us hard love when it was needed. That's what people who love you unconditionally do.

Why do they motivate me?

Because they're my family! My mom was literally born to be a mother and is the best one there is. From her curly hair to her Studio 54 dance moves, she's the reason why I cry during Hallmark commercials and dance to any song that comes on. As for my pops, he's the hardest working man I've ever met in my life. From waking up at 4am every day to work a labor job, to never missing a workout in our gym basement gym (he's literally been doing the same one since he was 14), he's the epitome of a hustler and I can thank him for my same mentality. And my sister? She may be 4 years younger, but I look up to her more than any other person I've ever met in my life. She's strong in ways that some people will never know, she is the most loyal person EVER in a generation where that word has lost some meaning, and she's a RIDICULOUS personal chef. I'm lucky for a shit ton of reasons, but the best one is that the family I was dealt it the family I adore.


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