Live YOUR Wellness

Wellness has been a sweeping trend the past few years, which is obviously a good thing, but sometimes it seems like the message of what it is gets a little twisted (thanks Social Media). I recently read an interview on one of my go-to wellness websites that had me shaking my head and saying "Are you f*cking kidding me?" because it just seemed so freaking outrageous.

The article was about how a female entrepreneur and restaurant founder starts her mornings with her live-in boyfriend brewing gourmet coffee and bringing it to her in bed, eating homemade pastries from a famous chef, and if she's "not in the mood" she jumps into a lavender and oil bubble bath.

Like what? Fresh brewed coffee, homemade pastries, and a god damn bubble bath? Is this the beginning of a Fabio novel or actually just a joke?

I literally read the article 5 times looking for a "just kidding" at the end of it.

Because to me, a typical morning looks like this...

I hop up out of bed and prepare to turn my swag on at 5:25am. While I shuffle to the bathroom still half asleep, I usually trip over Nola's bone that's on the floor and let out the first "F*CK" of the day. I simultaneously brush my teeth and turn the coffee maker on, grab my hard boiled eggs out of the fridge and pack my lunchbox just in time to spit, wipe my face, and dodge any other puppy surprises that might be on the ground in front of me. At this point I'm a little more awake, so I heavy stomp my way back to my pitch black room, throw on my outfit in the light of my cell phone as quietly as possible so I don't wake my boyfriend and Nola (who now has her head on my pillow and is under the covers), put on my sneakers, MAYBE do my hair (just kidding), and I'm out the door at 5:45am exactly.

So it's kind of opposite of laying in a bubble bath of flowers and drinking coffee straight from the bean. But just because my day doesn't start out like that doesn't mean I don't live a life where wellness is involved, which I think is the case for most of us these days. Mornings start quickly, days go by rapidly, and night approaches before we freaking know it. In the go,go,go of life, being able to do start a morning like this seems foreign.

But whether you're drinking a $12 bottle of rose infused water or tap water from the gym, it's making the effort to increase your wellness that counts. And that's when you come in to figure it out. It's hard not to let your mind get fogged up when it looks like the Zen in everyone else's life is way more aligned than yours might be, but you always have to remember that everyone's life and definition of wellness may be different.

Maybe some of our mornings begin with shots of fresh squeezed ginger and meditations with Rumi readings. Or maybe they start with shots of champagne and Drake freestyles. Whichever it may be, if it's your way of feeling balanced and well, then slay baby, slay.


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