The Prep for your Meal

Fall is an awesome time to hit the reset button. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, once it gets cold, it's time for a START OVER in this thing called life. He didn't exactly say that, but it was something along those lines. It makes it the perfect time to talk about a little something I called MEAL PREP and would probably be a starving fool if I didn't do it.

Life usually goes 120mph for most of us (hence my previous post) and meal prep is one of those things that's meant to make it a little easier and what makes it even easier to have an idea of how to do it and do it right.



  • You want to be able to take your meals on the go, so grab some tupperware and get to it.

  • The whole point is filling that tupperware with deliciousness, so grab your veggies, grabs your lean protein, and your grains and start portioning.

  • An hour of commitment and some good tunes to work to.


The words "gluten free" have been used just as much as pumpkin spice latte has in the past 5 years, but not all of us have a gluten allergy that inconveniences our lives. If you do, sorry, but we're not going to talk about that in this meal prep, what we are going to talk about is how adding anti-inflammatory foods and sticking to the basics may help you out more than you know.

First off, inflammation is something a lot of people suffer from and don't even realize it. What happens is that when something inside or outside the body is being irritated, it causes heat, redness, swelling, and straight up discomfort. Sounds fun, right? NAH. But luckily there are ways to try and avoid this from happening.

Try adding some of these foods into your meal prep and diet:

- Beets

- Broccoli

- Blueberries

- Salmon

- Green leafy veggies

- Coconut Oil

And then think about adding these spices and seed as well:

- Turmeric

- Chia Seeds

- Flax Seeds

- Ginger

Now onto the main course..


Remember when you were a little kid and anything with a lot of color made your eyes the size of oranges and you automatically had to have it? When you're making your meal, you need to embrace that shit again and GO FOR THE COLOR.

VEGGIES: Make this the BIGGEST portion on your plate and let the rainbow start here. Throw some yellow in there, like bell peppers, a huge handful of green, like spinach, kale or sprouts, and top it off with some of those orange things aka carrots. Not a fan? Well then start to get familiar with spices and herbs. The freshness of veggies will usually take the flavor of almost any herb you throw on there, so don't be shy.

PROTEIN: If you're someone who puts a good amount of badass-ness in the gym and craves a burger immediately after finishing your last rep of the workout, your protein portion might be a little larger than typical. I personally lerrrrrve animal protein, but I always try to make sure to get organic, lean, and grass fed meats. When it comes to fish, try and stick with wild caught. If you're not into meats, check out foods like quinoa, lentils, and black beans.

GRAINS: Think of these bad boys as the accent of your plate, not the main attraction or the big source of carbs (you should be getting those from your veggies). Quinoa sautéed in garlic, rice and beans, and brown rice are some of my favorites.


Some people hear snacks and they swear they gain 10lbs, but it doesn't have to be like that! In my personal opinion, snacks make the world go round and the days complete, so you better be strapped with all the best ones.

If you were to find me running around from class to class, I most likely have these two things in my lunch box:

EPIC Bison Bar Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt

They both have a decent amount of protein, they're non-gmo, low in sugar, have no fake shit, and most of all they taste good! Maybe you're not exactly a beef stick or yogurt lover, but it's what in your snack and the size of it that matters most.

Being prepared whether it's for your meals or the most important meeting of your life always seems to work better than going in blind. Find an hour to get it together, get a little creative, and remember that not being hangry is the way to happiness.


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