Let It Be... (insert whatever it is here)

As a coach and motivator, part of my job is to one, getting my clients to get started, two, push them a little harder than they normally would push, and three, keep them F-ing GOING.

So the other day when one of my clients was working with a new weight on the barbell and I told him to "let the weight be heavy," he hit the lift perfectly and told me how much that actually helped.

Me telling him to let the weight be heavy, because it's supposed to be, that's why it's on there.

Sometimes we just need to let shit be heavy for awhile, accept that it's a bit of a challenge, and do what you gotta do to get past it. In fact, those are pretty much the top three things I tell to my classes when I'm teaching.

Let it be heavy.

Let it be difficult.

Let yourself overcome it.

Life throws all different types of heavy situations at us day in and day out and a common question may be is it ACTUALLY heavy or does it just feel that way because of how we process it? You don't have to have an answer, heaviness is situational, but know that it's okay to go through the process of allowing yourself to let it be that way. Putting a new weight on the bar, dealing with a break-up, realizing that you're FINALLY going to find out who bites the dust on The Walking Dead this weekend, let whatever it is do its thing and be just that.


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