Good-bye Routine, Hello Holiday Season

Okay, that title may be a LITTLE dramatic, but there's no denying that holiday season has officially sprung upon us.

Halloween decorations will quickly start to turn into cornucopias of gourds and Christmas music is already blasting in the mall and department stores. Our lives will quickly become even more of a rat race and anything that has to do with the Holiday's start to become shoved down our throats.

Our routines are inevitably going to be a little messed up. Our schedules are going to resemble a mish-mosh of office parties and holiday themed whatever else, and our days are going to become a little longer and messier. But if you're a holiday lover like myself, it's all worth it, which is even more of a reason why if you handle the holiday's with a heart (in more ways than one), you'll get to enjoy the happiness behind them even better.

I'll be the first one to say that the Holiday's make my head spin (in a good way) because all of the last minute this, next weekend that, and making sure everyone's demand gets met then before you know it, January 1 rolls around and you're still there asking wtf just happened?

BUT I have a idea for this year. Help me help you for the Holiday season.


Lets start by simply listening. Over the next two months, I'll be writing on my blog as well as other publications about different ways you can keep yourself in check and not let the Holiday rush kick your fitness routine and everything you've worked for all year to the curb. I'll also be running a few PT holiday specials with a little extra something (hint @JIVA_active and @wellness.tribe hint), so make sure to check out the Instagram to see what they are! Aside from tips, I'll be shooting out workouts, which may or may not be holiday themed, and challenges that will help keep you on track.

And since it's the 1st of November, we're not wasting any time here. Here's a little workout for ya to kick off the Holiday season.


11 Plank lunges

1 200m Jog

(because it's beautiful out!)

16 butterfly sit ups

Start the season off with some sass and LETS GET IT GOING.


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