5 Things You Can Do To Own Your Fitness this Holiday Season

Now that we're ALMOST done with all the political Facebook updates and threads of comment fights, it's time for the holiday posts to begin and Elf quotes to flood the gates!

As promised over the past few weeks, I'm continuing to kick off the season with some helpful hints and tips for you guys to own your fitness this holidays season and not fall off of your spin bike and into a tub of cookie dough.

Here's my top 5 rules to follow when trying to keep it together even if the egg nog is flowing and the turkey is frying (YUMMMMM).

1. Try to get on a routine and stick to it, but at the same time don't lost your shit if it gets thrown off.

This circles back around to my last post about self care and how important it is, so obviously it's #1. Routines are arguably the best way that some of us get through life, which is awesome, and the same stands for our fitness routine. Whether it's making sure you take 3 HIIT classes a week and mix some Yoga in there or prepping your meals for the week on Monday night, making sure you keep that routine during the holiday season is clutch, BUT don't lose your shit if something gets thrown your way out of no where and it gets a little shaken up. Let it happen and just make sure you jump back on your routine horse for the next day.

2. Be open to new ideas, but don't be afraid to bring some old ones back.

I've said this SO many times before because the best way to shake things up and keep your momentum going is to try something new. Try a different fitness class. Change up the time you workout. Throw something new in the crockpot. LETCHA MIND BE PUSHED A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. At the same time, there's nothing wrong with going back to the basics. It's actually the perfect way to see how far you've come.

3. Plan ahead (no buts here).

This one doesn't get a but because it's SO IMPORTANT and makes a huge difference during a time like this. Planning ahead can be your whole routine, but it can also be something as little as keeping an extra pair of workout pants in your bag for a last minute class. Other planning ahead hacks;

  • Pack for the day the night before.

  • Schedule whatever it is you have to do by convenience.

  • Batch the tasks you have to do throughout the day together and write them down.

  • Stock your fridge or cabinets with 4-6 stable (and healthy) foods and make sure you always have them at hand.

  • FINISH what you started.

4. Find a new little ritual that gets you motivated throughout the day.

A few mornings a week, I usually have about an hour to an hour and a half between classes. I always go to my favorite cafe in Hoboken, The Green Pear and rather than get my Americano in my travel mug, I allow myself to get it in a regular cup even though I usually end up taking most of it with me on the go. It's part of my little ritual to get the day going and give myself a breather between the chaos. Find something little you truly enjoy and put it into your ritual everyday.

5. Find a buddy or hire a trainer to hold you accountable.

Not a shameless plug, just the straight up TRUTH! The best way to stay accountable is to have someone do it for you. Get a gym

buddy that'll hold you to it or hire a professional that takes the thinking out of it for you. Either way, someone is depending on you, and who likes to let anyone down?

Even if you're not considering it Holiday season yet, toss these 5 tips into your days, guarantee they'll make them a little easier.


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