What Does Gratitude Mean to You?

I've been an instructor at Work it Out for close to 4 years. The studio's backbone is its 2 boss babe owners, its heart comes from the many talented instructors that bring the kick ass to every class, and the soul consists of hard-core clients that are nothing but interested in bettering themselves.

To kick off Thanksgiving week, we're doing a little something special (which you'll have to check out on our Instagram story) and it made me think a little deeper on a personal level.

What does gratitude mean to me?

Every day, I wake up and the first thing I pretty much think is "when can I go back to sleep?" but after that thought leaves my tired mind (for the time being) and I have my first cup of coffee, I try to think about what I'm grateful for. My family, my friends, being able to live my passion day by day, they're all attributes I'm TOTALLY grateful for, but I'm talking about the little things.

Like the fact that I'm grateful for being able to help people realize how strong they are.

I'm grateful for the fact that I can say I'm a survivor.

I'm grateful that I'm the type of person that has the drive to get shit done.

I'm grateful for the fact that I allow myself to admit when I'm wrong and try to make things right.

And I'm grateful for the fact that I have SO MUCH MORE to be grateful about.

Sometimes thinking about what you're grateful may not come that easily though especially when we're surround by some crazy shit in the world. When that happens though, we just need to dig a little deeper.

Think about the people you surround yourself with.

Think about the energies you can bring to people.

Think about the outlook on life that you have.

And last but not least, think about bringing positivity to at least one person's life.

Whether it's a significant other, a child, your best friend, a client, or someone random, bringing positivity to someone ELSE'S life besides your own is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things in the world and there's no doubt that it'll make you feel all types of gratitude.


- Start a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you're grateful for every day or every week.

- Think about the where you were a year ago and the positive changes in your life that you've made. If you haven't made any, there's no better time than now.

- Ask what other people are grateful for! It'll get your wheels turning.

- Do one thing good for another person.


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