New year, who dis?

Ah, new year, new motivational quotes to start it off, and maybe it's the cynical optimist in me, but motivational quotes annoy the SHIT out of me.

Not all of em, just most of em.

And inevitably with a new year not only do new quotes come, but so do new goals, new aspirations, and new reflections on the year that has passed. Some of those things will make us feel positive and proud of what we're bringing into the new year and others will be ehhh, not so much, but we're human, so that's OKAY.

And sometimes quotes do nothing but resonate within you - hard.

"Do less, focus more."

4 words, simply put.

Would I consider it motivational? Not really, but would I consider it resonating? Hell motha f**kin YEAH. As someone who constantly feels like they're doing 15 things at once, when I saw this(as I was walking the dog, sending an email, and making sure I had something to post on social media at the peak viewing time) it stuck out to me so freaking much BECAUSE of the simplicity of it.

We as humans, especially living in the New York area, are constantly go, go, GO, doing a shit ton of things at once and a lot of the time just coasting thru them until we can get to the next. It's exhausting, it's draining, and it completely takes away from appreciating the actual task that's in front of us. Yet we continue to do it, myself included, in this madness. Why have we become so conditioned to thinking "do more" when maybe we should be doing the opposite?

Think about the 5 most important things that are in your life right now. Concentrate on them and them only for the rest of the day and compartmentalize your focus meaning do 1 at a time. Try it for another day, then another day after that, and before you know it, less might seem like more.

For some of us, we may think of the new year as a clean slate to start over and for others, maybe it's just the perfect time for out with the old, in with the new. Either way, lets keep this quote close to our soul and remember that sometimes less actually is more.


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