You Are a Construction Zone.

Construction zones are usually places we tend to avoid, get easily frustrated with, and are really just chaos before some type of beautiful change takes place. We're quick to identify them and even quicker to dread them.

We're also super quick to identify ourselves and others.

She's a yogi. I'm a CrossFitter. They're Vegans. He's a Republican. She's a major feminist. He's a bodybuilding.

As humans we are always changing in ways of growth, sometimes even falling backwards on bad habits, and adaptation to what revolves around us. Sometimes identifying even makes us feel some type of validation within ourselves, but unfortunately, other times it might be to feel validation from someone else, which is never cool. From a young age our parents taught us that we can be anything we want to be.

You know what I wanted to be?

A artist that was a dentist, so I could decorate my dental office with all my artwork, and Alex Mac, because who wouldn't want to be able to turn into slime and creep around while getting out of doing homework?

Obviously, (and thankfully) my dream of being a tooth repairing, slime turning artist didn't exactly work out, but even then I didn't exactly identify with one thing. Because solitary identifying ourselves constantly leads to one thing; boredom. And the only constant we can all identify with is the fact that we are a construction zone, working to become the best version of ourselves even though at times life can become chaotic.

Through chaos comes beauty, through beauty shows individuality, and one should never, ever let that be jeopardized. So screw identifying and stick with constructing because a zone that's ever changing is a zone we should allow ourselves to step foot in.

Photo: David Bracetty

Location: Hoboken


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