What Kind of Love? SELF LOVE.

This week was the true week of LOVE because love is awesome and we can all benefit from it in our lives. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been doing a little series about why SELF-LOVE is the best love, but if you don't, you're about to. Either way, here's a wrap up of what the meaning was behind each post and how it'll hopefully help you give yourself some lovin.

Having a night time ritual.

If you're like Drake, you come alive in the night time, for others, after a long ass day, night is when you want to turn down and shut off (raising hand SUPER high). Even though I'm typically working until 9pm, having a night time ritual has helped me tremendously. I've taught myself how to slowly shut down and decompress rather than just jumping right into bed as soon as I step in the door. How do I do this? It depends how I'm feeling. Sometimes I read a book that has nothing to do with anything, other times I journal whether it be in my Many Moons Guide or just free write. I listen to super chill music like Dreamy Vibes on Spotify and just let myself relax to feel recharged for the next day. Even if it's only for 10-15 minutes, I make it a point to enjoy the part of my day the most.

Realizing your weaknesses and properly working on them.

Working on your weakness is where real strength comes from, but sometimes we have to assess why it's weak in the first place. Getting back to the basics is always a good way to do this. Also keep in mind that just because it's a weakness doesn't mean you have to not enjoy it! Exactly why I posted a video of myself squatting. I LOVE to squat, but if I put too much weight on the bar it absolutely kills my back, so I have to improvise with a basic high rep, lower weight rep scheme.

Why Self love is the best love.

Here's the rundown on Wellness Tribe's blog. Let it sit, let it simmer, then let it ACTIVATE.

Helping a cause you believe in. What's better than loving something you do and helping others while you do it? NOTHING. Think about what you're passionate about and do something about it. Volunteer at an animal shelter, help out at a school for under-privileged children, go spend time with someone that would simply love the company. You'll be helping yourself while helping others.

Need some ideas of how to help out? CHECK IT...

Animal person: Liberty Human Society Volunteer problem

People person: Hoboken Girl Helps

Family person: Hoboken Family Alliance

Stepping back and realizing what you've accomplished.

This is perhaps the most looked over but most important part of self love; looking at all you've accomplished, being proud of it, and allowing yourself to enjoy that in itself. It's a really cool feeling when you can take a step back and admire whatever it is whether it's in your career, in your relationships, or even on a day to day basis. So if you haven't done this already, do it now and continue to do it, because being proud of yourself is the ultimate self love, and that's the kind of love that is the BOMB.


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