How to ACTUALLY Work From Home

What's a lot of procrastination, getting random surges of creativity, getting side tracked by everything around you, with a side of throwing load of laundry in the wash?

If you guessed working from home you're totally right.

If you work from home, you're probably giggling at this. If you don't, you're probably giving me the middle finger, but hear me out.

Having the privilege to work from home, whether you're an entrepreneur or just have a job that allows you to, it isn't a swift walk in the park. It takes a lot of self discipline, self motivation, and a slew of kick ass playlists.

Here's a few ways that have been personally tested and approved to make working at home as productive as possible.

Separate your work space from your living space.

It's easy to double your kitchen table as your desk, but it also doesn't make the energy what it's supposed to be. When you work from home, it can be really hard to separate work life from home life, so you want to make sure to have a line between the space that you use to create and the space that you use to live.

Create YOUR space.

You want a space that inspires you. You want a space that makes feel accomplished. You want a space that is yours. Whether that means surrounding it with inspirations quotes or keeping it the most minimalistic ever, you want your work space to be a place that actually makes you want to get work done. Think about what gives you energy and makes you feel positivity and surround yourself with it.

Make it comfortable.

If you're not comfortable you won't get shit done, case and point. Get yourself a comfy chair, sit on the floor on a pillow Indian style, or stand up at a counter. In saying this though, you never want to be too comfortable. Ever sit on the couch and not want to get up? It's not exactly the best place for creativity.

So you've done all this but you still can't seem to get shit done. WHAT NOW?!

Change it up.

Is your work spot usually posted up at your desk in the corner or your apartment? Try switching it up a bit. Grab a blanket and take the floor, go to a coffee shop down the street, go somewhere other than where you're used to. Getting your self to a new space can launch you into a new sense of inspiration even if it's only a few feet away from your normal spot. You'll be moving your energy someplace else and when energy shifts in a positive way, creativity soars.

Take a walk.

Now that it's starting to get nicer over here on the East Coast, there's not much a little fresh air can't help. Even if it is still a little chilly, cool air always seems to get your senses woken up and revving up again. Don't feel like taking a walk by yourself? Adopt yourself a fur friend and you'll never have to be alone again ;)

Check up on your go-to inspo.

Unfortunately for a writer, writer's block isn't exactly uncommon. When I get really, really stuck, I check in on some of the writing from my personal inspo like Neghar Fonooni's newsletters or ChicPea JC's blog. Reading publications by other writer's always help remind me of little ways to stay creative, how detail can make the world of difference, and that every writer's style is unique to their own.


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