Don't Start With What's Easy

The other day during setting up for a class, I had a client ask me if grabbing a lower weight would make the class "easier."

After being taken completely off guard, cocking my head to the side like Nola does every day, a quick "no" came out of my mouth.

Let me rewind a little bit.

Before each class, I tell my clients to grab a heavy and light set of weights, 8 lbs and above, because doing straight leg deadlifts with 3 lbs weights is like doing deadlifts with donuts in your hands; non effective. Rewind even more so all the haters and commenters out there can keep their mouths shut, the clients in most of my classes are the general public who work really effin hard, they're not de-conditioned geriatrics that haven't picked up a weight in 30 years, so 8lb weights are the norm.

Back to the present.

As I walked back into the studio and started the class, it dawned on me why this question perplexed me and quite honestly, annoyed me a little bit.

Why set yourself up for easy?

Easy is a place that's comfortable. A place where minimal effort has to be made and the guarantee of being able to do it is already there. Easy is a word that allows us to coast through life and not make any improvements or become better at what we're already good at.

When it comes to fitness and working out, easy isn't always the enemy, especially if we're just starting out or coming off an injury, but if you're looking to improve and get better you can't stay in the easy lane for that long. There's no growth in easy, just a place where you know how it goes and where the results will lead you.

Something I've self taught myself as well as preach to most of my classes and personal clients is to set yourself up with a challenge at the beginning of whatever you're doing.

Move faster, lift heavier, hold that plank longer.

Whatever that challenge may be, use it to motivate yourself through the easy and into the work a little harder because eventually, that's the place that will be your easy and you'll just keep moving up from there.


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