Goodbye Girls, it's been more than real.

I've watched Lena Duhnam and the ladies of Girls since the very first episode.

I've related to the characters while also hating them at times.

They've made me piss my pants with laughter but also throw the remote across the room because they annoyed me so much.

My best friend and I would randomly exchange texts quoting Adam and his ridiculous behaviors.

Being a twenty something female when the show first aired (and still am for a little while) meant that it was all too relatable. I graduated college with an degree in writing, I was going through one of the hardest break ups of my life, and living home again with my parents while working my first "job" was an absolute whirlwind of life.

"I don't understand mom, you never said it would be this hard!"

Hannah, for the last time ever, I feel you girl.

Even though she was technically talking about having a kid, I think subconsciously and deep down Hannah was actually talking about everything because sometimes everything is hard or at least it seems to feel that way.

We're all guilty of self inflicting hard on ourselves whether it's literal or within our complex minds. I mean hell, I just did it for the past two hours, but then I decided to spoon feed myself Nutella, sage some shit, give my crystals a rub, throw it back to my Jock Jams playlist, and just work through the writer's block I couldn't seem to crack. There's a difference about self inflicting hard and just straight up difficult though and just like easy, self inflicting hard gets freaking old.

Obviously we will go through situations that are legitimately shitty, like love and loss, but a lot of the time we are the ones that have the control to decide how we want to handle them and if they really are hard or not. We're allowed to self wallow every once and awhile, we're humans, remember? It isn't' exactly the sexiest thing to do though.

Next time you find yourself saying "god this is so freaking hard" stop and think about it. Is it really that hard or are you just being dramatic? Try turning most of the hard into a let this challenge me and let me work through it instead. We grow from challenges, we become who we are from them, and we should always remember that easy is boring anyway.


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