Summer Favorites From Here on Out

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet (FINALLY). I feel like every year the seasons become stranger making us long for the next

one to just take over already, but with fingers crossed, we've made it to the Summer sun.

Besides reading for endless hours on the beach, taking our workouts outdoors, and Saturdays at the Pier, one of the best parts about Summer is the bareness that surrounds it. You know b&b is all about that simplicity game (unless it has to do with booty), so with a little help from our girl Ashley (and Frankie of course, Nola refused to give her insight), we came up with some favorites you might want to add to you Summer.

"Careless in our Summer clothes, splashing around in the muck, in the mire."

-Cold War Kids


V- Glossier and Beam Cream

The minimalist look is always a good one to go for when it comes to Summer sun and the heat it brings. I may be biased, but I'm a little obsessed with almost everything Glossier.

When I'm in the gym for long hours with sweat and dirt in super close quarters to my skin, I need something that'll make it glow a little but at the same time feel super light and not make me breakout. Their lightweight moisturizer, Super Glow serum, and Haloscope highlighter are part of my early morning routine that does all of the above. Everything Glossier puts out is honest, minimalistic, and 100% cruelty free. Did I mention they just dropped a new sunscreen as well? Currently waiting to receive mine in the mail any day now.

As for my nighttime routine when it's time for my skin to wind down, my go to is my homemade, yes homemade, Beam Cream created by my friend and neighbor who also happens to be a genius in the skincare lab. With ingredients like maltose for moisture, Carnosine, which is an amino acid that helps aging, and my personal favorite, ginger root extract, which helps repairs sun damage, reduces wrinkles, and evens skin tone helps put my skin into a refreshing slumber. Even though you can't buy Beam Cream anywhere, you can still find these ingredients in other face care products.

A- NARS Bronzing Powder & NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I love a clean, natural look for my makeup in the summer. A summer glow makes that look so much more attainable. NARS makes a great tinted moisturizer that is lightweight with great coverage, without making my skin feel greasy. This product also has SPF 30! It's really important to choose makeup with SPF because even if you're not laying out in the sun, you need to protect your face from daily sun exposure. I also use NARS tinted moisturizer to even out my skin color and finish my routine by adding the NARS bronzer. This bronzer gives my cheeks a long lasting shimmer and sun kissed finish. These two easy products I can toss in my gym bag for a less than 10 minute morning routine. Less is more in the summer!


V- Local Crop Top and Simple Leggings

If you know me, you know I live for crop tops (CROP TOP TUESDAY WADDUP?!). My absolute favorite this season are hand-cut, t-shirts, representing something I believe in. The best part about these tops, besides the cause of course, is the fact that you can mix and match them with pretty much any bottom and you can even pick which type of length you want. Pair a shorter crop top with high waisted bottoms for an on the go, just worked out, and on my way for an after class drink look at ease.


I'm a self proclaimed extremist, so obviously my workout attire completely follows suit. I go from spending $100 on a pair of pants to $3.50 on a shirt, but who's counting the zeros anyway? I like to be able to find tops that I can slip on and off when I'm going from running the pups around, training a client, then jumping into a class, so anything loose and comfy is at the top of my 'I have to have this' list. 8 years later, and I'm still shopping at Forever21, especially when it comes to workout gear! Their active line is the shit not only for your body and fashion sense, but for your wallet as well. My number 1 pick this season has been this mesh bottom sweatshirt from Forever 21 with a pair of leggings or joggers on the bottom half and as of right now, I'm OBSESSED with these new Lululemon Freshly Pant joggers.

A - Calia Leggings and LuLulemon Sports Bra

When I am choosing my workout clothes, I need to make sure I feel the most confident. Styling my outfits for my workouts always gives me that extra push to get to the gym and work harder. I love to choose leggings that comfortable, but also flattering. I recently discovered the new Carrie Underwood brand Calia, and I am nothing short of obsessed. At a very reasonable price, she makes a great structured cropped legging that make it really easy to feel comfortable and cute at the gym. I almost always wear black or navy leggings, so I love to pop color with my sports bra. Lululemon has great sports bras with long lasting quality.


My gray joggers from Athleta make it easy to be comfortable and trendy while running errands around town. (Photo 20) All I need is to grab my Rayban aviators and I can run out the door. I hate carrying around bulky sunglasses and cases or feeling like anything is too heavy on my face. Sunglasses are the best accessory in the summer months to add to your outfit and aviators transition perfectly from a sporty workout outfit to an athleisure daytime look.


V-Crystals There's a whole new meaning to crystal baller in my life these days. Besides from it being one of my favorite Third Eye Blind songs, it's taken up a huge part of my self care rituals. Although healing crystals have been around for thousands of years they've become a huge part of the wellness scene over the past year or so.

If you're someone like my boyfriend and thinks they're rocks that reside in the backyard, lets get you caught up real quick on what they can actually do if you allow them to. Each crystal has a meaning behind it which helps unblock the energies that lay within it. They help bring ease to the mind, energy to certain qualities within your characteristics, and can help make your life vibrate when it needs a little extra something.

A few of my favorites...

Amethyst [Purple]: Relieve your anxiety and decompress your mind. I literally drive with one of these babies in my car everyday.

Citrine[Bright Yellow]: Sun drenched, energizing, and radiant. Add this into your pocket if you're having 'one of those days' and need a little pick me up without the hangover.

Blue Kynite [Tarnished blue]: Authenticity, hearing and speaking truth

Tektite [Black]: Strength, grace, and guidance in any pursuit


My favorite type of sunglasses are ones that are under 10 bucks and I can buy about 14 pairs of them, even if it's the same pair. What I'm digging right now? My ice blue lens' and clear frames bigger than my little face pair from h&m. With so many different styles to choose from and a current sale of 2 for $10, you can literally buy a pair for when you're on the way on the way to the gym, a different pair for your Saturday outfit, and a whole separate one for people watching.

A- Swell Bottle

When anyone asks me “what’s in your bag?” I almost always say my SWELL. These water bottles are seriously well made, holding hot and cold beverages at their temperature for up to 12 hours!! This is an amazing accessory to have when I need to be out of the house all day running from the gym to work and back. I never like to leave the house without water and my SWELL guarantees fresh, cold water all day long. The designs are also adorable! You can snag your own at our favorite fitness studio in town, Work it Out.


Every Summer there's that one song that makes your heart beat fast, your sweat start to drip, and the butterflies start to flutter when you hear or even think of it. Check out our picks for the best Summer playlists for bbq's, DJAI's Happy Hours, and all around good BEATS. Check out our playlists below and make sure to stay updated by following us both on Spotify.




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