Diving Into Your Weakness

I hate working out on vacation. Like, complain the whole time, have to totally force myself to do it kind of hate.

Actually, when I think about it, I'm my own idea of the worst type of client. Someone who doesn't want to be there and is just forcing themselves through the motions, but whenever I'm done forcing myself through a vacation workout, I feel so freaking good once it's done.

Last week I was lucky enough to spend some of my vacation at The Albany CrossFIt in the Bahamas with my boyfriend and one of our good friends and favorite coaches. It was also my boyfriends' birthday, so naturally as soon as we landed we went right to the gym (against my complaining asses will).

We did barbells movements under the Bahamian sun, we pushes sleds across the 100 degree turf, we sweat it out in the sea salt air, and we worked through the heat that us Jersey-ians aren't used to (yet). Besides from the extra sweat and sun we pushed ourselves through, it was all good and fun.

Until day 3 came around and a pool workout was rolled out.

terribleFun fact: I used to be a lifeguard for like 5 years and every time I had to take the swim test, I would fail at least 1 part. I'm a swimmer and I sink like a rock, apologies to anyone who I was on watch for.

The workout went like this:

5 rounds

100 meter swim

10 cals on the assault bike

250 meter row

15 parallette bar dips


Drowning, dying, and a hella amount of complaining as it happens.

Before I had time to complain out loud or just run off to the beach instead, the clock was going off and the workout started, so I followed suit and dove right in. If there was ever a time for do or die, it was right then and there.

But after I was done getting the massive amounts of F-bombs out in my mind and swallowing a significant amount of water, something happened.

I just kept going.

I kept pushing.

And in about 40 minutes, I finished the workout.

I was the last one to finish and it took me the longest to recover, but that was okay because finishing was the goal. Simply getting through the workout was what I was driving to do and sometimes just trying, is enough. I've said this so many times before and I'll say it over and over again, It's not always about being the best, it's about being YOUR best.

I knew there was literally no way I would be able to sprint through the swimming if I wanted to finish, so I took my time, talked myself through the motions, and then sprinted on the assault bike when I came out the water. By knowing my weakness I was able to push a little harder through my strength and I mean if I'm going to get my ass beat, it might as well be in the Bahamas, right?

Next time you're having one of those "oh shit, I might actually die in this workout" moments, take a second and re-assess it. Most of the time when you say to yourself "I can't do it" you're already doing it, so don't use that as an excuse. Just take a second, take a breath, and dive right in.


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