Slow Your Hustle

Last week as I was leaving the gym, hustling towards the next class to teach, I encountered something crazy. As I was about to cross the street, I saw a girl jogging across the 4-way intersection. I put my head down for a second to check the time, heard a loud THUD, and when I looked up the jogger wasn’t jogging anymore and there was a car stopped in the middle of the intersection.

Before you freak out, SHE’S OKAY! You can put what happened together by the pieces I just described.

As myself and a few other people who were around ran over to make sure she was okay, I couldn’t help but think “holy shit, that could have been me.”

I’m not making the situation about myself AT ALL, I am making it known that I cross the same intersection at least 3 times a day and fear for my life every single time though, because people, both drivers and pedestrians, hardly ever pay attention when they’re going through it. In fact, I wrote a post last year about me screaming a loud F*CK YOU before 6am at a driver in the same spot because they almost ran me over.


The morning after I stopped at my usual morning spot, The Green Pear for my before class double shot and chat with the owner, Isabella. This place is my favorite in Hoboken for many reasons, but the biggest because of how sweet and personal the family who own it is. They welcome you by name when you walk in, they ask (and actually care) how your morning is going, and they’re so, so genuine.

As Isabella prepared my double shot and we laughed about something, she asked the patron next to me what she’d like. Her reply went something like this;

“A medium coffee, and I need to like” In a rude tone and an even more rude ‘hurry up’ hand motion.

I was appalled and quite frankly, if I wasn’t on my way to class, I might have given her a ‘hurry up’ motion to the face, but the she’d probably sue me because that’s what people do these days.

What do these two unfortunate events have to do with each other?

They have to do with the fact that so many of us are always in a freaking rush and we all need to slow down even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Whether it's the area we live in or the pressure of everything else going on, many of us are equipped to think that the fast paced city lifestyle, always moving and every changing, is the only way we will get things done. Newsflash, it’s not.

Your job is still going to be there.

Your destination will be waiting for you.

Your friend will understand if you’re late for dinner.

Your class can’t start if you’re the one teaching it.

The only thing slowing down will do is give you a few extra minutes to do what you have to and to do it at a pace that’s less than a rushing one.

So you can get it done correctly.

So you can get it done meaningfully.

So the final product will be just as good as the expectation.

So you will actually make it to the end.

The change of seasons is always a good time to re-evaluate what’s going on in front of you and if you’re fully happy with it. Take a second to look at your situation, evaluate why exactly you're in a rush, and slow your roll.


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