Agreeing with The Four Agreements

15 years ago my new aged, hippie-esqe aunt gave me The Four Agreements, a book by Don Miguel Ruiz, with a hand written message from her on the inside that reads "You always have been guided by your own star - and you are a star to us. So follow your star and carry our love with you."

And after all those years, I've slowly but surely have followed my stars and gotten around to reading this gem, by keeping it in my bathroom and taking in small bits at a time.

15 years ago I had ZERO desire to read this book. I was 14, trying to date as many cute boys as possible, fit in with the cool kids in school, and make sure my away message was subliminal enough on AIM. Don John or whatever his name was didn't know SHIT in my book.

But 15 years later, I've settled down with one cute man, don't give a shit if I'm considered a cool kid or not, and make sure to post meme's that I think are outright hilariously honest, but most of all it seems that every time I pick up The Four Agreements, something new resonates within.

"Your life is a manifestation of your dream; it is an art. And you can change your life anytime you aren't enjoying the dream."

As we know through life experience, there are certain things we have no control over, but for the most part we are the ones that decide how we want to live. Whether it's deciding a small thing like waking up happy and fulfilling your day, or making a life altering decision like picking up and moving cross country, whatever it may be, you are the one that gets to decide and make the choice.

We are constantly presented with the question "What do you want?"

How often do you tell the truth?

How often do you actually sit back and think about your deep, down answer?

How often do you manifest your dreams into reality?

The best part about dreams, whether it be small or immense, is that you can take a chance on them whenever you want, and they change! Holy shit, they change as you create a life you want and enjoy.

You can change your career at 30.

You can decide you want to pick up a new hobby in the middle of a random weeknight.

You can decide you don't want to finish that shitty book you started reading 4 months ago.

You can decide what you want to support and what you believe in.

But deciding and doing are two different things, so you have to make sure to follow through and not sell your dream short. If you're a visual learner, literally write down your dreams and see them in the flesh. If you're an analytic, write down the steps you're willing to take to achieve them. And if you're really stuck, grab yourself a copy of this book and keep it in your bathroom. I promise, it'll give you some clarity.


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