I love my chocolate, I love my rose water, I love my books...

ALL OF MY FAVORITE TINGS (as of right now).

How much do you love when someone says 'OMG have you tried whatever it is yet?' and you do and it's awesome? Because I love it a lot. Word of mouth is the bomb and the most genuine review you can get, so welcome to my favorites, via word of mouth (sort of).

FOOD: I love chocolate, I love espresso, and I love Trader Joe's, so obviously these little nuggets of caffeine are the shit. Not only do they taste good, they give you a little pick me up from the espresso crunch. Disclaimer: DO NOT EAT BEFORE BED, unless you want to stay up all night binge watching Netflix.

JAMS: One of the coolest things about music is that it's universal. There's music everywhere, all the time, and the variety is continuously expansive. If you take my classes, you know I have the most random playlists, so check out below and enjoy.

LIFESTYLE: Fun fact; my middle name is Rose, so I blame that on the fact that I'm obsessed with rose water. Thanks to my beloved Wellness Tribe, my love for rose water has been taken to a new level when Mr. B's Necessities Rose Facial Mist & Toner was part of my monthly box. It smells great, it feels great, and it's all natural.

**Use VANESSATRIBE for a discount on your first Wellness Tribe box if you haven't already.

READS: Insert single, trust fund, 40 something year old Catherine West and a secret that'll ruin anyones Hampton weekend and you have a psychological thriller with a twist of bougie-ness. I spent majority of my Fourth of July flying through this book, so if you're looking to turn you brain off and put your reading glasses on, this one's for you.

We Could Be Beautiful

Swan Huntley

Make sure to check back every new moon to see what else I'm diggin. Who knows, you might find your new favorite type of whatchamacall it ;)


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