Comparison is the...

This is an actual screenshot of what came up when I googled "Comparison is the..."

I think it's safe to say comparison is a little BITCH, and not the good kind. So how come if most of the time brings nothing but negativity, does it seem to be such a big part of our every day lives?

It can be argued that now more than ever, it's easier to compare, contrast, filter, and f*ck with just about anything you put out to the universe. Whether it be a picture of yourself or a description of a product you tried for the first time, creating the essence of how you want it to be seen is entirely up to you.

This is why we need to stop comparing, because a lot of the stuff you see out there, is bullshit. Fabricated, detail oriented, close to "perfect" bullshit. But we all do it whether it's intentional or not, so we all have the ability to fix it.

Its as simple as replacing phrases you use on the reg, like swapping out "I wish I had" for "I'm so grateful I have."

Rather than thinking "If my ass looked like that" when you're scrolling through Instagram, think "My ass looks better than that."

Instead of dwelling on what you don't have, think about what you do and how good it feels to have it.

We need to re-program ourselves for gratitude, not one of its negative enemies; comparison. Consciously make the littlest change and let it grow into something so much bigger. Then let that little change blossom into all the other places that may need a positive boost in your life.


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