Don't Be a Dick

A few weeks ago I was getting my manicure and pedicure that I get probably twice a year after one of my classes. It was still morning, it was a new salon for me, and I was thoroughly enjoying the back massager that rolled up and down my tweaked muscles. For some women, getting their nails done is a ritual, a relaxation period where they can chill out and turn their brain off for a hot second, others have to get their nails done because they're in a wedding or two during the upcoming weeks.

As I sat there with foils on my fingertips and a pumas stone grinding my calluses away (I work hard on my feet, okay?), I noticed a woman who was previously zombie-d out on her cell phone with headphones in a few chairs down huffing in a dramatic tone worse than Nola's, raising her voice about 'the bride said no', and starting to give the woman working on feet a hard time.

The next thing I knew, voices were raised about paying $12, accusations of adding too many coats were flying, and there was a comment of "this is disgusting!" coming out of the woman's mouth as she stormed out the door and slammed (well, tried, there was a spring on it) behind her.

Silence hit the salon for about 5 seconds before the manager turned to myself and another woman and apologized for what just happened and before she even finished her sentence I said,


I may not be painting this picture as clear as it was in the salon, but you can get the jist of it. To be straight up and honest, the customer was being a complete asshole on multiple levels. The manager on the floor explained to myself and the other women in the salon in somewhat of a plea that she had been a customer who has been to the salon multiple times and always seemed to have a problem with something.

Sadly, I'm sure we've all come across someone like this before, and saying it can get awkward is somewhat of a down play. There are so many things wrong with this type of situation from the way the customer thought she could speak to the employee to the scene that she made, but what honestly upset me the most was the sense of entitlement this woman felt towards the employee and how she spoke to her.

How do I know she felt entitled? For one, she was walking around with a Louie Vuitton bag, Haviana flip flops, and a nose that looks like Ashlee Simpson post TRL break down but yet was complaining about $12. If you've ever gotten your nails done before I'm sure there's been a time when you weren't feeling your color, it happens, but being completely rude to the person that just spent a half an hour bent over, slaving over your feet, and causing a scene is not the way to go about asking it to be fixed.

A few weeks ago I posted something on my Instagram about some of the things people have said to me. It wasn't a cry for attention or a 'woe is me' post, it was a call to action and everyone.

The way you say something to a person can change the whole meaning behind it, like adding a comma where it's not needed. You can make a compliment sound like competition or a simple fact sound arrogant. You can change someone's mood at the opening of your mouth or hurt a feeling with one sentence. Yes, there are others more sensitive than some, but what it all comes down to is sometimes we need to think before we speak and not about what we are going to say, but how we are going to say it.

And to the oh so unhappy lady, you know what's really disgusting? What's going on in our country and the hate that still exists within people. How there's more garbage that runs through rivers in 3rd world countries than actual water. How the president of the United State of America goes on fucking TWITTER rants but is silent when a national tragedy happens. How as a woman I still get verbally harassed when I walk down the street in a crop top. And how rudeness in people is sometimes more prominent than kindness, those are things that are disgusting, not the color on your toe nails.

And also, no one will be looking at your during the wedding, we all know it's the brides' day.

PS. For the record, this salon did an amazing job. I got a gel manicure that lasted close to perfectly for 3 weeks and went back today for another one.


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