b&b bangers; bring on the Fall

ALL OF MY FAVORITE TINGS (as of right now)

Welcome to Fall where the air is crisp, the pumpkin spice is poppin, and SUNDAY FUNDAY AT WOLF IS BACK. Whether you're a football fan or just really enjoy wings, Hoboken is back in full swing and so is everyone's routine.

This New Moon in Virgo is time to start a new health routine, do a little research into what you really want in life, and get rid of all that excess bullshit you're not really feeling in the first place.

JAMS: The OG DJ, a little sultry Miguel, and a few other collabs that have been on repeat on my walks, my drives, and my straight up chillin mode.

WORK OUT: Long nights an early mornings make Vanessa a very tired girl, so as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I have to turn to a little something more to get me through my workouts. I'll be the first to admit that pre-workouts used to freak me out, but I finally found one that doesn't make me feel like I'm on crack (not like I truly know what that feels like). Onnit's Total Strength+Performance stimulant free pre workout is a serious, help me not be sleepy anymore, god send. Onnit's is a hugely reputable brand in the fitness industry, so it's no surprise that the ingredients in their pre workout are Earth grown and non synthetic.

LIFESTYLE: In my biased opinion, hoodie weather is the BEST weather, especially when it supports an even better cause. By now you know I'm a crazy PitBull lady and I can credit the beginning of it all to an even crazier PitBull lady and beautiful soul, @noelaniig. Not only is she a PitBull mama to a pack of 6 of her own and a real mama to the sweetest little boy (who loves his PitBull siblings), she's a full time foster, an advocate, and owner of Urban Suburban Apparel, a clothing company where all the proceeds go directly to rescue organizations in the community. SO needless to say I've been living in this cropped MisPits hoodie I purchased a month ago.

WATCH IT NOW: I know I'm was about two seasons late to the party but if you haven't watched insecure yet then you better start binge watching, STAT. My best friend and I spent Labor Day weekend drinking champagne on the couch and catching up on every single episode. We cracked the F up, we cried, and we recited lines back and forth to each other when we finally decided to get off the couch. It's hilarious, it's relatable, and it opened my eyes to a few racial injustices black women of the same ager encounter every day.

GET INVOLVED: PITNESS IN THE PARK IS BACK! Join us on September 30th from 12pm-3pm for our third PITP. A fitness class will be held by my girl Ashley, we will hold an 'Ask the Trainer' session with Laura Waddell, professional dog trainer and Frankie's favorite lady, and of course New York Bully Crew will be there selling apparel and showing off some adorable adoptables.

If you'd like to volunteer, shoot over an email to bachata.barbells@gmail.com to get involved.


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