Blame Yourself

A few weeks ago I took a class at CrossFit Hoboken and got my ASS handed to me. I mean usually when I take a class there it gives me a run for my money, but this particular Monday afternoon was one that broke my spirit, my motivation, and my back (not literally but pretty damn close).

The workout consisted of 2 movements; ring dips and dead lifts, east enough right? I can move relatively well when it comes to gymnastics movements and as for dead lifts, my short stature usually helps me out, but NOPE, not today.

I struggled pretty damn hard and blamed it on everything.

I blamed the programming I usually do for never having the two movements in it.

I blamed my fiance, who was coaching, for pretty much breathing in my direction.

I blamed my back for never holding up on me and constantly causing me pain.

I blamed CrossFit for being fucking CrossFit.

And about halfway through the workout when my arms literally couldn't lift the rest of my body off the rings, I finally realized that the only thing I should and could really blame is myself.

It's something we all need to start doing, taking the blame for what we are responsible for or in this case, not. A lot of the time it's easier to blame someone else rather than stepping up and taking one on the chin, but that doesn't make us better people or make us grow from our mistakes.

Understanding and realizing where the root of the problem is coming from is the first step to achieving this. I struggled through the workout because I never incorporate those movements into my own so not only will I not become better at them, I'll have a hard time even doing them. It's not the coaches fault or the workout itself, it's my own.

Taking the blame isn't an easy one by an means, it's takes a strong and confident person to be able to say 'I f-ed up' and want to fix it. So when you come across a situation where you're truly on the struggle bus take a second and do this before placing blame.

  • Step back and look at what you've done or haven't done to bring you to that point.

  • Assess it from that point and think how you can improve it yourself rather than push the blame aside or onto someone else.

  • Know that accepting your fault in the situation is the most difficult part and once you do that the only thing left to do is to work on it.

  • Do just that, work through it.

Whether it's a fault in a relationship with your boss that could use some fixing or needing to hit a PR to qualify for an event, taking the blame for your end is whats really going to fix the cracks.


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