Fall, Fitness, and Sunday Funday b&b Style

Pumpkin spice candles have been poppin off in my apartment since the first day of September and the 80 degree weather the month brought us, but now that October has arrived I think it's safe to say that it's finally starting to feel (and smell) like Fall.

And what's one of the best things about the Fall season? FOOTBALL SEASON (unless you're a Giants fan, sorry not sorry). Going into the fifth week of the season, the ladies at b&b are dropping some knowledge on how to enjoy your Sunday Funday without feeling like death come Monday (courtesy of a veteran Sunday Funday-er), some tips and alternatives on how to keep your healthy streak going, and of course some football inspired workouts you can do with just your body and a partner.



If you frequent Hoboken, you know Sunday Funday is the best day of the weekend and whether you're a veteran or not, you know you need your staple outfit. A football jersey is one thing in our book that will never go out of style. Our go to Sunday Funday look; a jersey repping your favorite team bottomed with either ripped bf cut jeans or Lululemon Naked black leggings. Whether you're banging on buckets at Wolf or throwing napkins in the air at Green Rock, you need something comfortable on you feet, so converse or Vans are the way to go. It’s about being comfy, so you can eat all da wings and cute, so you can rep your well.


What V says: TREAT yourself to some god damn wings, because there are few things in this life that are better than a dozen on a Sunday afternoon. Second, even on a Sunday I’m still here to support and preach your healthy habits and the good news is that there's a healthy alternative to pretty much everything you enjoy on your funday.

What Ash says: I am all about the swap when it comes to my favorite foods. Can you enjoy a burger and beer once in awhile? TOTALLY! I encourage it! But there are also plenty of guiltless Sunday snacks that will make it a little easier to wake up for your Monday morning workout without that food hangover.

  • I doubt chicken is the first thing you think of pairing chia and flax seeds with, but this recipe from Be Well By Kelly might change your mind.

  • Sunday is not a funday without potato skins on the table in front of you. Not only is this recipe by Rachl Mansfield a guilt free substitution, it's also Whole30 and Paleo approved.

**Health hack from Ash: Be smart about your Saturday! Get any meal prep, errands, cleaning, “adulting”... that needs to get done either Saturday, or Sunday morning… Plan out the workouts and meals you will do the next Monday-Saturday and clear your mind for a fun day with friends or family. This way you will feel a little bit better about yourself Monday morning when you have your workout clothes and healthy lunch packed to reset yourself for the week ahead.


The fun in the Sunday doesn't entirely have to do with the booze you consume during it, but lets be real here, it does have something to do with it. As a veteran Sunday Funday-er I'd like to say I've learned a few tricks of the trade (not saying I listen to them every time) to help maximize your Funday and minimize your hangover come Monday morning.

  • There’s nothing wrong with one manmosa or a mimosa, but after one it's all downhill from there. So stick to 1 and switch to a beer after.

  • Make sure you EAT something in the beginning of the day before you start drinking but more importantly, eat throughout the day. My favorite tummy filler beforehand: A egg white scramble with beans, mushrooms, spinach, topped with avocado.

  • Start and end the day with a HUGE glass of water and while you’re at it,try to drink a glass between every few beers.

  • Speaking of beer, I’m a Budweiser girl myself, but if you want to keep the calories and the hangover low, check out these brews with a low calorie count.

  • Budweiser Select 55: 55 calories

  • Beck's Premier Light: 63 calories

  • Miller 64: 64 calories

  • Amstel Light: 95 calories

  • Anheuser-Busch Light Pale Lager: 95 calories

  • Michelob Ultra: 95 calories

  • Natural Light: 95 calories

  • Miller Light: 96 calories

  • Heineken Light: 99 calories

  • Corona Light: 99 calories

  • Go home for the 4:25 game or give yourself a curfew. It may be a challenge especially if your team is playing later, but it’ll cut your hangover risk in half.


Football players need to either be quick on their feet or strong like bull. These workouts will give you the best of both defensive and offensive worlds.

1) 3x with a 60 second rest between 100m sprint right into 20 thrusters

2) 3x with a 60 second rest between 20 seconds quick feet into 10 skater jumps back up to 20 seconds quick feet

3) PARTNER AMRAP YOU YOU I GO 10 minutes 50m bear crawl backward 50m sprint forward 20 push ups 20 over you partner jumps

1) TABATA: 4 minutes (20 seconds of High Intensity/10 second rest) Repeat each exercise twice.

High Knees

Quick Feets

Plank Jacks

Toe Taps

2)TIMED SETS: 1 minute each (5 minutes)

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Alternating Lateral Lunges

Skater Jumps

Alternating Front Kick to Squat

Jump Lunges

3)EMOM: (Every Minute on the Minute) Perform each exercise set within a minute and any remaining time is rest. Repeat each exercise set twice for a full 6 minute workout.

5 push ups/10 Burpees

5 squats/10 Froggers

10 tricep dips/ 30 Mountain Climbers


Wake up, jams on, it’s game time. Here’s our top picks for our go to Sunday Funday pre-grame playlist.

All photographs of b&b were taken by Emily Schleider Photography.


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