Me Too.

The multitude of women who have "me too-d" on my Facebook and Instagram feed since Alyssa Milano first shared her campaign on Twitter a day ago is astonishing. Not because it's new news or because it surprises me, but because of the actual impact that it's making on others who aren't so keen to it.

To others who aren't women.

To others who perhaps don't realize they're part of the problem.

Or to the others who are aware of it.

May it open their eyes to how immense the problem actually is. How one sentence, could make you want to crawl out of your own skin. How one whistle could make you think twice in the morning when you're getting dressed for the day. How one grab or grope could make you never, ever return to that bar, club, breakfast spot, ever again. How one, single, occurrence can shift the destiny of a persons future. They may seem like small gestures or something to laugh off, but it's the drop of water that causes a flood.

Cat calls, lewd comments, obscene gestures, me too.

Comments from the client at the gym about how short the shorts you're wearing are, me too.

Being grabbed at a club while you walk by then being told you're a bitch because you don't want to talk, me too.

Feeling so uncomfortable and fearful about crossing in front of a group of men that you actually go out of your way not to do it, me too.

The pressure to be fit, but not too fit, in shape, but not too skinny, thick, but not fat, me too.

Opening my mouth and helping others feel strong enough to do the same until the problem doesn't exist anymore, #metoo.


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