Find YOUR Fitness

Everyone has their own individual style of fitness just like they have their own style when it comes to fashion. You might CrossFit religiously or SoulCycle on the reg. Maybe you do Yoga 3 times a week then power lift on the side. Whatever it is, finding your fitness is a wonderful thing for so many different reasons besides staying healthy.

It’s therapeutic.

Stretch your limbs, throw some weights, let the beat take you away. Whatever your modality of fitness may be, it should be something that takes your stress away and lets you go on a sort of auto-pilot while you’re doing it.

It helps with routine.

As much as we praise spontaneity and trying new things, routine is an aspect of life that holds us accountable for many things, including staying healthy. When some type of fitness is part of your routine whether it's every day, a few days a week, or even every other day, it keeps your body's momentum of motion going.

It's gratifying and satisfying.

There are few things in life that are more satisfying and gratifying than snuggling with a dog and one of them is feeling gratitude for yourself and something your body is capable of doing. Working towards fitness goals, testing the limits that your body is capable of, and even the failures you'll endure are so satisfying in ways you won't understand until you actually try.

It gives you a sense of purpose.

One of the main components of fitness is bettering yourself. When you're working on a specific goal or trying to become better at a certain type of movement, whatever component of fitness you're working through to get to it gives you a sense of purpose, it gives you a reason to keep going and getting better.


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