Create YOUR Meditation

Meditation and creation have been around since we knew they were even a thing. You’ve probably done both of them without even really realizing it. If you’ve ever taken a Yoga class, the last (and best) pose, Savasana, is a form of total relaxation, which in my mind, is a type of meditation. But at the same time listening to a type of music that hits your soul or journaling your heart away is a form as well. No matter how you create your meditation, it should be something that makes your soul feel settled yet excited at the same time.

Not feeling the OM? Here are a few other ways to mediate:

Just like music...

Think of one song that really relaxes you, that puts your soul into a place of calmness and gives you that sense of 'aaahhh.' Take a seat, close your eyes, and put it on. Let it play a few times, each time let a new lyric resonate with you, take a verse and close your eyes while it plays, let the actual sound of the song play into your ears and fill up the rest of your body.

She want to move...

Perhaps your meditation has nothing to do with sitting still and everything to do with moving your body. Next time you're working out do it with full intention. Be in the movements, think about how your body is moving when you're actually going through the motions, pay attention to your breathing and then put it all together. Breath, move, and let your body work as one.

Flow free...

If you're ever been considered the 'creative type' then you know whatever your muse may be is certainly your type of chilling out. Even if you're not, you can certainly try. Grab a piece of paper, a pen, a marker, a pencil, charcoal, and start to move your hand across it. Make lines, squiggles, curves, what fuckin ever you want and let your hand flow free. Close your eyes, let your hand continue to flow, and let your mind follow.

Follow the moon...

There's a magical light that raises in the sky every night. She glows, she guides, and she loyally orbits the Earth-She's the moon. As a kid you were probably taught about the moon in science class, but there's so much more to this beautiful creation than scholastic can teach us. Let yourself do some reading up and get lost in the ways of the moon. She'll guide you through her orbits, teach you what each one represents, and you'll start to feel a little more grounded the more you learn. Not to mention this is my personal favorite form of meditation, so if you're interested check out Many Moons by Modern Women.


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