Sup 2018, nice to see ya.

We're a week in, about 5 inches of snow deep, and feeling like it's 13 below zero, but we MADE it to 2018 with a female force leading the way.

What is it about the new year that makes us feel so fresh and ready to take on anything in our way? Why is it any different from any other day or week or time? Why are we supposed to make resolutions from one year to the next?

Maybe it's because we've been programmed to think that way or because we as humans are a constant work on art. For some of us it might feel super overwhelming (stretching hand to the mothaf*ckin HEAVENS) because call it an active imagination, A.D.D, or pure genius, but the beginning of the year excites and scares the shit out of me at the same time.

But being scared isn't exactly a bad thing, and either is being overwhelmed because the best way to feel centered again is by going back to the basics.

At the beginning of every year I consciously go back to the basics in 3 major aspects of my life and then I ask myself one thing;

"How can I do better?"

Not in the sense of not feeling good enough, but in the sense of being able to improve and grow.

Physically, mentally, and humanly.

Physically, because your body is your vessel and you must care for it, inside and out, thoroughly and with intention. Perfect your squat form, breath consciously through your movements in your workout, make doctor's appointments you've been putting off, clean up your diet, foam roll your back, allow yourself time to rest, and thank it for carrying you through every day of your life.

Mentally, because if you don't feel good in your mind, you won't feel good in your soul, and that's more important than anything. Start to journal, smile more, call (not text) someone you haven't spoke with in awhile, ugly cry, meditate, pet a dog, snuggle with your boo, and do a crossword puzzle every once and awhile.

Humanly, because every single one of us can be a better human, and I refuse to believe that paying it forward it not a lost cause. Volunteer at a coat drive, foster or adopt a new pet, carry someone else's groceries for them, call your freaking mother (calling you tonight mom), donate to a random cause, thank your postman, and always, ALWAYS, stand up for what you believe in.

Use the basics to help guide you to being everything but that but more so, remember you can start over ANY day or ANY year, you don't need the years permission to do that.

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