Top 5, Top 5: The List on How to Get Them Done

Having an over active mind is exhausting,

But at the same time it's also exhilarating, annoying, motivating, and thrilling.

See what I mean?

When I'm working out during a WOD I'm thinking about how I can make a blog post out of it. When I'm shopping in Target I'm wondering what TJ Maxx has. When I'm eating breakfast I'm actually thinking about what I'm going to eat for dinner.

I honestly don't even know where I'm getting with this blog post, but I'm feeling very confident that's the purpose of it.

Doing 14 things are once is a blessing and a curse, but it's something that most of us (especially if you're a woman) does on a daily basis. We drink coffee while driving, we have conversations with co-workers while sending out emails to the office, we train clients while keep track of reps (what's up my peeps), we're a therapist to a friend in need while quietly freaking out because we have a deadline due. We all have an over active mind whether it's been diagnosed as one or not. So when we have 14 different things to get done, how do we manage to actually DO them all?

Do you actually have to do that thing you say you do?

We live in a society where proving our hustle as well as our self care is almost a right of passage, but that's kind of whack if you think about it. Look at your 'to do' list and literally decide what needs to get done and what's just there to take up space.

Okay so you really do have to do those 5 things.

PRIORITIZE, I know you've heard this word before, so do it. Even if your list has double digits worth of things to do, take the top 5 and get going on them,

Putting the pen to paper, the sneaker on your foot, the gin to your juice; lets get sh*t done.

Now that you know what you have to do, lets actually do it. I want you to sit there, close your eyes for a hot second, take a big deep breath, and envision that list 1 by 1. Think about the sentences that are put together, the curves of the letters that make them what they are. Think about how you want to get them done and the way you're going to check them off. Start with what's most important the move to what's most convenient. Decide what will be the easiest to get done and what will be your least favorite. And finally decide which one to start with (hint; finish what you don't want to do first).


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