What You Really Want vs. What You Think You Need

There's a lot of stuff out there telling you what you should do.

Want to lose 10lbs? DO THIS.

Gain 100+ followers in a day by DOING THIS.

You can photoshop your pictures and make your butt look bigger IF YOU DO THIS.

There's actually a lot of stuff (and by stuff I mean information) out there in general. Books, pictures, resources, Instagram captions, scholarly articles, bullshit, recipes, workouts, and it can be super overwhelming if you let it take over your attention and conscious.

And a lot of that stuff can lead you to an 'I want' mentality, like wanting to go to Yacht Week because everyone on Instagram is living their dream in the Croatian seas or going Vegan because you watched a documentary on Netflix. But how much of that it do you actually want invading your brain and taking up that precious space? Do you actually crave it or are you just thinking about it because it's in front of your face?

When this happens it can be difficult to disconnect from the immense amount of whatever it is you're consumed in, but it can also answer a lot of your questions when you sit back and think about the difference between doing something because you actually want to and doing it because you feel like everyone else is.

Ask yourself...

What wakes you the fuck up and excites you deep down?

What type of value does it bring to you and your life?

Does it feel authentic and natural to you?

Would you want to be associated with it?

Whether it be a soul searching trip or something you share on Facebook, being able to figure out what really matters to us deep down in our gut will only help us surround ourselves with the 'stuff' that actually aligns. Next time you're about to get it twisted and you're feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself these questions. Sit on the answer. Let it ruminate, let it simmer, and let it guide you to what you really want and not what you think you need.


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