The [self] Love Holiday

Ahh the week of LOVE, stuffed down our throats by commercials and the constant reminder that Hallmark created a holiday that can make or break our emotional state. Aside from all the pointless amount of money the media tells you to spend on chocolates and diamonds, the worst part about Valentine's Day marketing is the fact that they forget to put emphasis the most important, sometimes the most difficult, the only constant, and most crucial relationship in your life.

The one you have with yourself.

And as if this week isn't enough of a reminder about self evaluation and how much you I have to love myself, I'm about to hit the big 3-0 at the end of it.

Self love is a reoccurring topic with me (as you probably know if you're an avid reader) because unlike thigh gaps, it never goes out of style and is perhaps one of the only constants you need in your life. It's forever evolving and constantly changing, growing from experience, gain, and loss. It's a learned skill, something that comes is a physical and mental form, something that if you don't practice it, it can slip through your fingers.

And we all need it. We all need to have a little lovin for ourselves.

Sometimes it's not an easy task, but there are ways to train your mind to make it one. I want you to grab a pen and paper, put your phone down, and answer these questions for me...

Gimme 3 examples of love.

Gimme 3 attributes people say they love about you.

Gimme 3 of your greatest strengths.

Gimme 3 things that make you happy, feel centered, and bring you joy.

Gimme 3 things you like to do that make other people feel loved.

Gimme 3 attributes you love about yourself.

Don't rush through them, don't half ass the answer with 1 word, let the questions sit with you for a second. Let them ruminate in your mind and flow down to your soul making its way the honest answer. Remember, it's COOL to love yourself. It's 100% ACCEPTABLE to think that you're the fucking bomb (in a humble way). You're ALLOWED to consider yourself one of your best friends and it's completely OKAY to know your worth.

Now take this piece of paper that has self love sprinkled all over it, read it to yourself, and then read it out loud. You smiled to yourself, right? You felt a little bit of love, right? Good, because you deserve it.

That piece of paper is yours to do what you please, but if I were you I would keep it close by because sometimes we need a little reminder that we love ourselves even when we're complicated, layered, and full of being human.


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