Being Overwhelmed in a World of Overwhelming.

Last week I posted a picture on Instagram about being overwhelmed and I got a SHIT ton of feedback ranging from advice about decreasing my coffee intake (not taking that, sorry people), a few 'GIRL ME TOO's, and a text from my mother asking what I'm overwhelmed about. At first I was surprised at how much feedback that plain, not so pretty picture received, but the more traction it got the less surprising it became.

Because everyone gets fucking overwhelmed, even the people you least expect to.

The post wasn't a cry for help or a craving for attention, it was an attempt to express a human emotion and to show you that everyone feels like that, sometimes all too frequently.

But being overwhelmed isn't always a bad thing, just like chaos doesn't alway mean shit is hitting the fan.

Being overwhelmed can simply mean not knowing how to process what's in front of you, ranging from raw emotion to the amount of work you have. to get done. It can be a pulse inside your body that you can't seem to tame or regulate. It might even be the beat of a song you can't get out of your head. Whatever it may be, there's a way to conquer it.


Simple, but yet not so easy. Take a hot second and suck in a big breath through your nose and then exhale out through your mouth. Allow yourself to feel your chest rise and then decompress. Allow yourself to breath in what you feel so overwhelmed with and then let go of all that. Do this a few times and on each exhale, let the feeling start to dissipate.

X's and O's. I'm a pen to paper type of girl but in a mini keyboard world that might be a little outdated for some of us. Whichever way you prefer to get the word out there, do just that. Make a list with everything you're feeling, cross out what is negative, and circle what's positive. Repeat until that list is narrowed down to 1 and 1.

Pick the 1.

Take that positive 1 and concentrate on that. May it be a task, may it be a feeling, may it be a conversation, concentrate on only that and flesh it out. Let your mind wander and work through 1 single thing and then let yourself enjoy the satisfaction of it.


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