Burn the Pedestal

"You got this"

The words were spoken softly with conviction and vigor attached to them.

"It's only a workout."

She reminded herself as she took a final breath and placed her hands on the barbell, gripping it with intention and embracing her body for the exertion she planned on using.

This was what she did, her 'thing' as others would say. That same 'thing' that put her in the category of being a 'fitness person' and 'a gym professional.'

But there is so much more than that, so much more to the strength that encapsulated just her body. She was layered and fragile, hard headed and vulnerable like so many others that surrounded her in her life.

There is fear and within that fear, there is doubt.

There is callousness, and within that callousness there is experience.

But there is confidence, in the faith she has in what the future will hold, even if it holds something challenging.

There is a human wrapped up in the categories that she is attached to.

Like you,

like me,

like the next person that passes by.

There is a human that needs to be placed on the same level as the pedestal rather than on top of it.


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