Rest, Recover + Reset

You've heard whoever your fitness influencers are in your life say it a million times...


But how often do you listen? Shit, how many of THEM actually listen? And can you really blame anyone for a lack of listening because of the "no pain, no gain" mentality that has been ground into our body's and brains by society?


We look at rest with such a negative connotation, like it’s some type of weakness. and if we let it take over, we lost a long, tiring (literally) battle. But it’s not, it’s actually the complete opposite. It’s the time when our body recharges and comes back stronger than before.

There are actually a few different ways you can do it too..

Active rest: This is every person who has ever taken a fitness classes least favorite phrase (besides burpees) and it an be explained in a few different ways. For one, if you're actively resting during a workout, you're working at a lesser intensity than you just were. Example: Doing jumping jacks right after repping out 30 seconds worth of thrusters. It could also mean doing some type of low impact activity on your rest day like getting a Yoga flow in, volunteering to walk dogs at your local shelter, if it's nice at go for a short run, or go through some mobility work.

Stretching rest: Everyone can use some stretching in their life. If not doing anything physical makes you feel like a huge waste of space (it should NEVER make you feel like this), take a Yoga class or get some type of 15 minute stretching flow in during your rest day. Some moves you might want to try to release the tension from common stress areas:

Straight chillin rest: Exactly that, you straight up chill (drink some water or take a nap if you get bored) and allow your body to rest without movement. Keep in mind if you're super tight or sore from a workout you might want to try one of the first two types of rest to make your body feel better.


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