Peace Out to the Should Life

There always seems to be something we should be doing...

"I should go out and be more social."

"I should be able to lift heavier."

"I should stop cursing."

"I should probably stop drinking wine since I've had 3 glasses already"

Whenever I find myself dwelling on that 6 letter word I always end up asking myself "who made up these rules?" You know, the ones where you feel like there's always something more? That there's always something you SHOULD be doing?

Living the should life is a slippery slope, one where you can easily find yourself tumbling head first into paradox of endeavors your heart isn't really passionate about. A life where you're faking the motions and convincing yourself you want it. A life that slowly chips away at your ambition to flourish in your best and most meaningful one. A life that will chew you up and spit you out despite your efforts to resist it. And worst of all, a life that will constantly have you wondering what's happening on the other side because of that 6 letter word.

But no one is telling you that's how you have to life, it's just something (else) society has constructed us to feel, the grass is greener and the person next to you is more valuable because they completed more tangible work than you did.

We can't let ourselves succumb to that notion, we need to live our lives to our sense of should. Think about what's important to you, your non-negotiables of life and let those be the map of what you should be doing because you want to. The aspects that don't really feel like a should at all, they are part of your life because you want them to be..


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